Book Review-She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilkes

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 20•14

She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilke

Book Description:

New Year’s Eve. It’s late, well past the midnight hour. A woman looking for respite from noise, champagne, and tensions with her boyfriend steps out to clear her head. She calls out that she’ll be back shortly and heads down the quiet neighborhood street… and never comes back.

A man with too much to drink and too fast a car roars by on that same darkened road and, in a flash of motion and impact, is stunned to see the face of a startled woman smash into his windshield. When the car stops he shakes in silence, waiting for… something. But when no one approaches, no cars go by and no inquiring lights flicker on, fear and panic take over and he makes the unfathomable decision to drive away… and never look back.

“She Tumbled Down,” a short story by longtime Huffington Post contributor and author (After The Sucker Punch) Lorraine Devon Wilke, follows the ripple effects of this tragic hit-and-run, attempting to answer that unanswerable question, “Who could do such a thing?” From that first fateful moment through the months and years that follow, the narrative weaves through the lives of seemingly disparate characters, threading the initial event into another story, a love story, that ultimately links to the tragedy in unexpected ways. (Short story: 7300 words)

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a very well written story of a terrible tragedy and how it affected so many lives. Lorraine Devon Wilke is an excellent writer. I finished the book in an hour or so, fully captivated-mentally and emotionally. I was really pulling for the characters. It was quite easy to understand the complexities involved.

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Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 17•14

Red Zinnia

Psalm 141Reflection

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 14•14

The second volume of my series, Psalms in the Key of my Life, was created fresh. There was nothing I had written earlier that was worth keeping (actually very litte that was written at all). Not so, with volume III. Psalms 121 and 141, I kept just as they were. There were several others I had written that I tweaked just a bit.  Here is Psalm 141. It still needs a title. Something about prayer, but what shall the title be? I welcome your input.


Lord, I cry out to you. No other help I know.
Hear my cry
Let my prayers rise to you
As the smoke from incense rises toward the heavens.
Let the lifting of my hands
Of my heart, be as a sacrifice of old
Guard my lips as a German Shepherd guards a home.
Warn me when I am about to misspeak
Keep my lips from evil, and from foolish words
Help me to avoid evil thoughts, words and actions
Help me to resist the temptation
To follow the ways of those around me
Help me to accept, even to solicit correction from the righteous
Help me to speak words that are sweet, uplifting, encouraging;
Words that will help others to grow and to avoid evil.
Lord, you are my shelter.
Remind me to take the path that leads to your protection
Instead of the path that leads to hard times.
Help me to escape snares that may be laid for me,
And lead me to the green pastures
Still waters
And the table you have prepared for me
Where I will find joy and peace

New Release

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 12•14

Obsession-Short Story

Janet is an urban high school teacher who finds herself on the edge of a mental and physical breakdown. At the end of a day where her job is threatened by her principal, fights break out in her classroom, and she suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her, she sees a mysterious but handsome stranger. She cannot explain the obsession she has with finding out who he is. It isn’t until her boyfriend’s boss is murdered that this obsession even begins to make sense to her.


Available here or by clicking on the cover.  If you are interested in a review copy, message me on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.



9-11 Never Forget

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 11•14

black dividing line

Never Forget 9-11
black dividing line



Unrecognized Beauty

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 10•14

Shasta Daisies


These Shasta Daisies were in my back yard looking pitiful. I realized it was my last chance to photograph them before they were gone for the season. Somehow with macro photography, even the ugly/dying parts look beautiful.


I’m collecting flower photos for an upcoming book. Many of the flowers I will use are available to preview (and for purchase) at:




black dividing line






Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 10•14


  I realized this morning that it might be my last chance to photograph the flowers I’ve been gawking at all summer, but hadn’t taken the time to shoot. All the photos I have here were taken within a mile of my house.


  And finally, as I was shooting this flower, I was photobombed by a Queen bee. That made me really happy.

Bee on flower

Book Review: Alone at Midnight by Scott Zavoda

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 08•14

Book cover for Alone at Midnight by Scott ZavodaBook Description

Scott Zavoda delivers with hellish vividness and aching emotion. He’s unleashed seven tales that will claw at your soul. Already sold as singles, “Bobby” and “Beneath the Sand”, have garnered rave reviews. They’re included along with five more gripping stories.

Randy Bivins gets a shocking phone call two days before Christmas. The stranger says he stole his Christmas tree. What Randy discovers is maybe a tradition worth dying for. “Oh Christmas Tree”

Now that surfing, dating, and every aspect of a California retirement are off limits, he paints and pretends the beach isn’t so close. But traces of sand are showing up again in this Vietnam Vet’s house and that can only mean one thing. “Beneath the Sand”

Trapped in a morbid, bloody, decaying land, the hot breath of his pursuer lathers his neck. Jimmy wants to believe he doesn’t know where he is, but he can’t. “Castle Point“

Henry Conroy pilots a Navajo across the stormy Midwest with a coffin in the back. He knows the faster he gets there, the sooner that scratching sound will stop. “Fright Flight”

A simple fishing trip turns deadly for Danny and his disabled brother, Bobby. A gut-wrenching tale of two young brothers who will do anything for a day away from their abusive father and the constant bullying at school. But a wheelchair with a history might change everything. “Bobby”

Flowers for Mom and The Calling are two more stories with an evil twist.


My Review

I totally enjoyed reading this book. I love well-written short stories. I don’t always have the attention span for a novel, but not everyone has the skills to write great short stories. Scott Zavoda does. He is a very gifted writer. He creates wonderful characters who I almost immediately connected with. His stories are not just horror, but there is a bit of humor and romance as well. His characters, although flawed, are good people who have to deal with creepy, scary things, and they do it well. Like the others, I really appreciated his giving us the back stories.



Four Branches by JoAnn Meaker

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 05•14

Four Branches by JoAnn Meaker, book review

Book Description:

Rachel Benton and her daughter embark on a pleasant country drive to research her ancestors when a sudden storm drives them in an unexpected direction. Stranded and alone, an isolated cabin seems to offer refuge, but within those timbered walls more threats await.
Rachel’s troubles in the present are woven together with a family embroiled in the Civil War and the lives they touch on their journey to freedom. Lives are imperiled, and a dawning realization changes Rachel’s life forever.
Dual time lines skillfully woven together draw readers into the action-filled story. And true details from Four Branches of the author’s family tree provide a sound basis for this compelling work of historical fiction.


JoAnn is a member of the writing group I am most active with, the Walkerton Writers. I was part of the group that critiqued two of the chapters of this book when she was writing it. It was really exciting for me to see how they fit so perfectly into her novel. I really loved this book.


Below is my Goodreads review:

Four BranchesFour Branches by JoAnn Meaker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful parallel stories. I really loved the characters. I also loved the way the author blended her genealogical research into this fictional story. I found myself deeply involved emotionally. I would definitely recommend this book, especially for those who are interested in Civil War related stories.

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Praise the Lord!

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 04•14

“Praise the Lord” is both the title of the third (and final) book in the Psalms in the Key of my Life series, and the title of the 150th psalm. Today, I finished the rather rough first draft of the third book. I thought I’d be jumping up and down, but I was mentally drained. As I typed in the final three psalms (I wrote them with paper and pen first), tears of joy began to fall down my face. I looked up and on my ceiling was a perfect rainbow. It’s funny because I added a rainbow to Psalm 149, and was questioning it when I looked up. It’s like God was saying, “You got it right.” I stepped outside shortly afterward to sit in the sun for a few moments, and saw a large bird I’d never seen before. As I pondered getting my camera, a hummingbird flew past. I really felt like God was sending visitors that he knew would make me smile. Even though I am exhausted, I am filled with joy and feeling very accomplished. Even if I don’t sell a single copy, the fact that I made it all the way to 150 makes me feel really good. The gifts God gave today, makes me think he’s pleased too.