Psalm 148: All of Creation Joins in Praise

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 24•14

Praise the Lord!
The entire creation joins in praising God
Even the highest heavens sing His praises
The angel choruses sing
The little stars twinkle
The sun rises in praise
The moon beams
The clouds pour out showers of praise
Then release colorful ribbons
That spread out bows of praise

The great gray whale spouts his praises
The octopus raises all eight arms
Lighting flashes
Thunder gives the Lord claps of praise
The earth quakes, filled with the spirit of praise
The mountains gush forth praises of fire and water
Birds sing lovely melodies of praise
So do we
From the youngest child to those
Who have passed the century mark
All of God’s creation
Joins together in a symphony of praise
To our almighty God
Praise the Lord!

Vanessa Davis Griggs

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 23•14

Vanessa Davis Griggs is a great writer and a wonderful person. Everyday she posts really positive inspirational messages on her Facebook page. I would totally love to meet her someday. I have read two of her books so far, and enjoyed both.

Here is the review for Destiny Unlimited that I posted on the Goodreads Site:

Destiny UnlimitedDestiny Unlimited by Vanessa Davis Griggs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! I started reading it when I was looking for something to share with my twelve-year-old niece. I continued reading it because my middle-aged inner child loved it. Vanessa Davis Griggs took me on a journey that reminded me of Alice in Wonderful or the Wizard of Oz. The characters were each very entertaining, but each one also taught Destiny a valuable lesson. It was very inspirational and a joy to read. I highly recommend this book.


Ms. Griggs has a new book out, Steely Gray. I”m headed to Amazon to buy it now. Here’s the description:

Twenty-five-year old Lilly Gray has loved to write since she was in elementary school. Her first book was published by a Christian publisher when she turned twenty-one. With a growing number of awards and accolades to show for her efforts, the single and very beautiful “dark chocolate” (as her preacher father always calls her) Lilly appears to be on track as a force to be reckoned with. Maybe that’s why an up and coming author has decided to target her as her number one rival. Whatever is going on, it’s obvious that this twenty-five year-old author who pens erotica and simply goes by the name Ebony has beef with Lilly. And Ebony is having no problems with letting the world know just how far she’ll go to take Lilly on.

Making any and all public appearances wearing various Mardi Gras’ masks and glitzy over-the-top wardrobe as well as other costumes (now a signature trademark to her overall mystique), no one (other than possibly Ebony’s publishing house and any family and friends who might know her true identity) has actually ever seen Ebony’s face.

It’s getting personal between the two, although neither author will ever seem to allow herself to be caught in the same room with the other. A strikingly handsome (an equally up and coming) twenty-eight-year-old reporter named Remington Caldwell is intrigued with both these alluring women—one a good girl and the other one bad. One seemingly an angel sent from Heaven, while the other (at times) appearing to be deployed with an assignment straight from the pits of the devil himself.

The closer Remington gets to both women, the more he discovers who, underneath it all, they truly are. One thing for certain: the two of them give a whole new meaning to the scripture referring to iron sharpening iron and steel sharpening steel. So when Remington discovers the real truth, will his love for the one he finds himself most drawn to cause him to keep the secret? Or will he break the news to his own growing base of fans? More importantly, if he does disclose it, will the truth destroy the life and the careers of both these now hugely successful authors in the process? God only knows . . .


Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 19•14

I found another place to find free or inexpensive books. It’s called Read Freely. Check it out if you are looking for a new book to read.



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Free Books to Read and Review

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 18•14 has started a read and review program. I am one of many participating authors. Any book you choose will be sent to you for free in exchange for an honest review if you are one of the first twenty-five people who request it. I have gotten two books from this program in the last month. They were surprisingly good. My second book is listed under Religious and Inspirational.


Take a look. Find something you like. Support independent authors. Your review will brighten someone’s day.

Authors, give this program a try. It’s an inexpensive way to get more reviews.



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Fabulous Fall Fotos

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 16•14

I started a community Facebook page for people who love photographing the colors of fall. I welcome any interested photographers to contribute or at least to check it out.


Here’s my most recent post:

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 15•14

Yellow leaf atop red leaves

Ricky's fav-sunrays leaves


Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 08•14
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse-Oct. 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 01•14

Fall leaf

Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 24•14

Stop Sign with fall trees

CrossReads Book Blast with Michelle Word Hollis

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 23•14


It’s in the House: Lessons from a Widow Woman – Getting What You Need & More!

By Michelle Word Hollis

About the Book:

In this book you will discover the powerful lessons, from the Biblical story of the Widow’s Oil, that will help you overcome any difficulty you are currently facing. You will learn easy to implement strategies that will cause positive transformation in your thoughts and actions.

The lessons are based upon Biblical principles that you can use daily for successful living. God has given us a blueprint in His Word that will help us build a grand life no matter where we are currently in life.

The principles contained in these pages have withstood the test of time; they are universal truths! The lessons and principles are simple to understand, as well as, implement for those who would dare try and keep trying. Making a lasting permanent change does take time, practice, and patience, but you can do it!


image1Michelle Word Hollis is a native of St. Louis, Mo. She is a wife and a mother. She received her undergraduate degree from SIUE and her MBA from UOP. Michelle is a life long learner and enjoys many other personal pursuits.

Michelle is a new author, but she has been writing privately for many years. Michelle’s Pearlable Woman book series will explore spirituality, family, life, and love. In the series, she will share lessons that have stood the test of time. These lessons are pearls of wisdom from the lives of Biblical women that can be applied to our contemporary lives.

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