A Few of my Favorite Things

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Just in case you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas:

I begin with a story because that’s what I do. My mother was hospitalized last January. While she was there, I took the puzzle book that my son and daughter-in-law bought me from my Amazon Wish List last Christmas. It promised to help keep your brain young, or make it like a younger brain if you used it everyday. Quite a claim, you’re thinking, right? Well, in the bed beside my mother’s was a woman who was non-communicative. Her family had not been able to get her to respond in a coherent way for quite some time. My mother and I were doing one of the puzzles when to our great surprise, her roommate answered. We thought it was a fluke at first, then it happened again, and again. When her family came in, they were overjoyed. The next day, she still had moments of clarity. We were both school teachers, so we talked about where she taught. It was such an amazing experience her niece took the name of the book so she could buy a copy too.

Here’s the link to the 399 Games, Puzzles and Trivia Challenges Especially Designed to Keep your Brain Young:


This the best tea kettle I ever owned! It’s electric. It looks nice, and you can control how hot the water gets.


If you, like me, hate housecleaning and need a great easy, efficient way to clean your floors. Here’s the steam mop I bought. I LOVE it!!!

I can’t seem to get my husband to remember to put the toilet seat down, so I bought him a reminder. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Fun Bible Trivia

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Visit Christianity.com for fun Bible Trivia. The following games are available. I have only tried Bible Jeopardy so far, but they all look like fun.

  1. Bible Ball
  2. Bible Jeopardy
  3. Bible Trivia Challenge
  4. Saintly Millionaire
  5. Bible Trivia by Category

Happy Sunday! Have fun!


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Blog Tour: Wrong Place, Right Time

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Wrong Place, Right Time
by Brooke Williams
A Novella

Release Date: December 9 , 2014
Genre: Fiction: Romance/General
ISBN e-book: 978-1-61213-289-1
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH




Wrong Place, Right Time is a humorous, light romance about TV traffic reporter, Kate Covington.  After admitting she is in love with her best friend, Brian, Kate barges into a Las Vegas wedding chapel to stop him from getting married.  When the bride storms out, Kate sees that she interrupted the wrong wedding.  The groom, Chad Leida, who needs to marry before turning 30 in order to inherit his family fortune, has an intriguing offer for Kate.  Marry him and spend a year as his wife for a million dollars. Kate, who is greatly in debt and believes her friend has already married, considers the offer.
Once Kate makes her spontaneous decision, her life is on the fast track and the real adventure begins.  Caught between two men, she begins to realize that though she turned up in the Wrong Place, she might have arrived just at the Right Time.


1. What inspired this story?

I attended a writing conference in Kansas City in 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed several workshops presented by agent Mary Sue Seymour. In one of her workshops, she encouraged writers to find a great, eye-catching first line with which to start a story. In that class, she had us all come up with opening lines. I came up with “Stop the wedding!” “Wrong Place, Right Time” stems from that one line and opening scene that I created in that class. That particular scene got moved back farther into the book, but it still exists! And once I got home from the conference, I couldn’t help but finish the story I started!

2. Tell us about the editing process, were there any surprises?

Oh, just a few dozen! The initial shock and awe was the announcement from my editor that she believed after the story was edited that it would no longer be a full length, paperback printable novel. Instead, it would likely be a novella and released in e-book format only. This was disheartening to me, but I agreed with her that we needed to go with story and do what was best with it. The first round of edits returned with red computer comments and changes stuffed into every margin. I’ve never seen so much red! And though it was a grueling process, I learned a lot about my writing style, what I can do better, and how to make things flow. I’ve never claimed to be an editor. Reading through my stuff and seeing it for what it is and not for what I meant it to be is really hard. And that’s why I take editing advice very seriously from those who I believe know what they are doing!

3. What is your favorite genre to write in and why?

I’ve written a little bit of everything in my career. I have a family drama, a thriller, a Christian romance, and a Christian novel. But I’d have to say I’ve really enjoyed the romantic comedy genre the most. An agent I met at a writing conference encouraged me to try the romance genre. She said if writers can break in there, they can garner support and go on to write other things. I gave it a try and though I had no idea what I was writing had a comedic slant, I enjoyed the romance aspects. Honestly, I think I enjoy most whatever genre I’m writing in at that moment. I just love to write! But I’m going to go with romance/romantic comedy as my favorite since that’s what publishers seem to be wanting from me!

4. Do you see yourself in any of your characters?

Oh yes, there are always pieces of me in characters. I’ve heard the advice “write what you know” and I’ve taken it to heart! In “Wrong Place, Right Time,” the main character, Kate Covington, has plenty of my characteristics. She’s in TV news as a traffic reporter, for one. I did that exact job for about 5 months on a fill in basis. I feel like I was a bumbling traffic reporter much like she is in the novella! She also isn’t really all that into hair and makeup and clothes, just like me. On the other hand, there are plenty of fabricated aspects in every character I write as well. Sometimes I take things from people I know and sometimes I grab things from thin air. It’s the beauty of writing fiction!

5. Which was the hardest character for you to write and why?

I struggled with Chad Leida a bit. He’s the main male character in this book. I wanted him to come off full of himself, but he needed to have a softer side that he let show eventually as well. Striking a balance and letting Kate see the right areas of his personality at the right time without giving him too much softness was a challenge. Hank Leida was also hard. He’s Chad’s father and he comes across like a grand ole rancher. And yet he’s also caught up in the fast lane of the financial world. It was also a hard balance to strike.

6. What do you want your readers to gain from this novel?

I want readers to walk away from this novel with a smile on their faces and a light feeling in their hearts. I want to give them a chuckle or two and brighten their days. The overall message is that even when things don’t go as you expect or even as you want, it might be for good reason. And who knows, things might turn out even better than you’d hoped.


Brooke Williams is an award-winning author and freelance writer. She has written hundreds of articles as well as several novels, including Someone Always Loved You and Beyond the Bars. Brooke has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morningside College, with a double major in Mass Communications and Religious Studies. She has twelve years of experience in radio broadcasting, both behind the scenes and on-air. She was also a television traffic reporter for a brief time. Brooke and her husband Sean married in 2002 and have two daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie.   



Praise for Wrong Place, Right Time

“Really really fantastic book! I had a very hard time putting my kindle down when my work breaks were over. Loved everything..the plot, the characters, the romance. Definitely recommend.This won’t be the only Brooke Williams book I read.” – Carrie Goodreads Review



Wordless Wednesday

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Pink Mum with Alienskin Art Filter Applise

Another Kindle Giveaway from Choosybookworm.com

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This giveaway is for 2 Kindle Fires

Choosybookworm Christmas Kindle Giveaway


Click photo or the link below to enter:




Fun Riddles

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I needed something fun to do on this cold November day. Here are a few riddles I found:

1. What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you’ll die?

2. If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me. What am I?

3. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die.

4. How many of each species did Moses take on the ark with him?

5. Imagine you are in a dark room. How do you get out?


For answers and more riddles, visit: http://brainden.com/logic-riddles.htm



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Wordless Wednesday

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Yellow Mum macro image with paint filter applied

Nook Press: Praise the Lord!

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Cover image for Praise the Lord: Psalms in the Key of my Life by Carol Shelton Moye

I was excited to learn that Barnes and Noble (through Nook Press) is getting into the self-publishing print business. I uploaded my first book as an epub for Nook a month or so ago. Yesterday I learned that they have expanded into print. This morning, through Nook Press,  I created a hardcover version of my third and final book in the Psalms in the Key of my Life series titled, “Praise the Lord!”. I’m really thrilled with that option because I wanted a proof copy, but wasn’t ready to put an official publishing date on it yet. At Createspace if I did all that is required to get a print copy in my hands, I would have to get my ISBN, and today’s date would be listed as the date of publication. I’m pretty hyped about being able to publish directly to Barnes and Noble. This will perhaps also push me into working toward requesting a book signing at a local Barnes and Noble at some point.


This is my first try at the cover. Let me know what you think.


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November Unblurred

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Today I break all the rules. First of all, I am using words. Secondly, these are not new photos. I share them because they will be on exhibit at the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh this Friday during the November Unblurred Event. If you are in town, check it out. It looks like a really fun event. If you are unable to attend Friday’s event,  there will be others, or just stop by the gallery any Sunday in November. Here’s a description of the show I am in:


Most Wanted Fine Art
5015 Penn Avenue
Retrospective of Mozelle Thompson
MWFA resident artist Jay Malls presents a retrospective of Mozelle Thompson. Mozelle was an artist, born in Pittsburgh, who resided in Garfield while attending Peabody High School in the mid-1940’s. Close to 100 Albums illustrated by Mozelle will be joined by Teenie Harris photographs, as well as photos and original art provided by the family. To tie the history to the present the exhibit also includes new works by Kenneth Neely. Neely’s photographs easily remind a viewer of the work of Teenie Harris. They are beautiful images full of powerful stories of everyday life. Free Events planned every Sunday in November.

The show described in the paragraph above is on the first floor. My work, and the work of the Feel Like Going On group will be hanging in the basement. I am honored even to have a spot in the basement. They asked us to join them because we spent a year trying to shoot in the style of Teenie Harris. The photos I share were taking during that year (2005).


Here are two of my images:

Brother Ash with a sign in memory of August Wilson


Hot Dog Eater



Hug an Author Today

Written By: carolmoye - Nov• 04•14

This post is taken from an email from Jay at Choosybookworm.com. As an author, I can totally relate to all that he says. It’s really hard to get noticed in the sea of books that are out there thanks to the ease of self-publishing.

Hug an Author Today

Authors put their heart and soul into their books. Then, after
laboring over their book for many, many hours, they release their work into a world of millions of books where it is
hard to get noticed.

How can we help?

There are many things we can do to support our favorite authors.

Here are my top 5 suggestions:

5. Share the author and their books with your friends.
Word of mouth is powerful!

4. Like their Facebook page and sign up for their email list.

3. Purchase their new book when it comes out.

2. Share about their book on your blog (if you have one), in
forums, and on any social media platform you enjoy.

And the easiest and definitely one of the most effective ways
to support an author you appreciate is:

1. LEAVE A REVIEW for a book you love!

It’s the easiest way to show some love and it is immensely effective!
Reviews will help bring more sales which in turn will help better rankings
within Amazon…which are greatly important to your favorite author.

So hug an author today. Leave a review!

Get started by picking out one of the 50+ books from our Read & Review
program. Click here to see them all and pick your personal favorite:




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