Book Reviews: Eve and Crossroads (Wm. Paul Young)

Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 17•16

I depart from my usual reviews of indie writers. I’ve had much going on in my life, and found it way more relaxing to read the work of those I was familiar with, and who did not expect a review from me. I was one of the folk who loved “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young. When Goodreads listed that he had a new book coming out, I made sure to add it to my “to read” list. That book, Eve, was not actually the first book since “The Shack”. I discovered that there was another out there, Crossroads. I soon thereafter picked up both from the public library. What unites the three books is the author’s creativity. He tells each story in a way that is quite a departure from the way many of us may have visualized God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. As I suspected when I read the reviews, there are some who think he went too far from their beloved scripture, even among those who loved “The Shack”, particularly with “Eve”. I read them in reverse order, so I’ll begin with “Eve”.

As some stated in their reviews, “Eve” is more like a science-fiction book than an inspirational book. For me, that was not a problem. It’s the story of a young lady who endured an extreme tragedy, and the process of her healing. Throughout the book, the main character drifts between a limited awareness of her surroundings and visits to what is far less “real” the biblical Garden of Eden, where she meets Eve, Adam, and the creator (and of course, the serpent). When reading, it was clear to me that these were hallucinations of a sort, yet the author uses beautiful imagery to take the reader back to the original creation story. If you are looking for a biblical translation of the creation story, this is NOT the book for you. If, however, you enjoy thinking outside the box, and seeing things with a different lens, you may very well enjoy it.

Crossroads was a very different kind of story, probably more like “The Shack” than “Eve”, but still requiring the reader to change their perspective quite a bit. It’s the story of Tony, a miserable person who finds himself at the brink of death due to a previously undetected brain tumor. Tony, while comatose, is taken to an overrun garden in a run-down shack. There he encounters Jesus and the Holy Spirit who take him through the healing of his spirit, but not his physical body. At some point in this journey, he is told he can heal one person, but only one. Just after this, he meets a teenage girl with leukemia and takes up residence of a sort with her friends and family. I won’t spoil anything else for you. I will just say, that at first this was a bit of a stretch, even for me, but as I continued reading it, I really enjoyed it. William Paul Young is a master storyteller.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Story Cartel: Two Book Reviews

Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 14•16

I added my third book to Story Cartel recently. This is a site where you can download books for free, and are encouraged (but not required) to write reviews when you finish.  When I added my book in the hopes that others would review it, I committed to reading and reviewing at least two books that I found there. Here are the two I chose. Clicking on the title, the photo, or the links at the bottom will take you to the book’s page on The “Speaking Chimney” is still available for free in the short story section on Story Cartel, but “Vintage Blend” has expired.


The Speaking Chimney was a short read. It was a fun story about a teenager who felt he had little to offer until he began to receive notes that were dropped down the chimney, leading to visions, and inspiring him to take action in some very positive ways. I really enjoyed it. Unlike some, I like reading short stories, especially on Sundays, and this one was delightful.


 Vintage Blend: Seasoned for Life is a collection of short stories, essays and poems written by someone uses the term “vintage” to describe herself due to age and experience, and “blend” to describe the eclectic collection. They were a true mix, but mostly heartwarming stories that were meant to be uplifting and to remind the reader of what is truly important in life. As is normal in a collection like this, some are stronger than others, but most were enjoyable and well written.


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Bargain Booksy/Free Booksy

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As you probably noticed, I haven’t posted much recently. Truth is, I don’t do winter. I just don’t have much energy. That being said, the sun is trying to come out, and finally a warm day is forecast. That means that it’s time to get off the couch and do something really productive. This starts with doing a bit of online marketing. I write this, not to try to get you to buy my book, but to help drive sales to the site that is promoting me. That may lead someone I don’t know to view and possibly purchase my book.

Here’s a link to the Bargain Booksy site where low priced Kindle/Nook books can be found. My third book, “Praise the Lord” is listed under “The Teachings of Jesus: Discounted Religious E-Books.”

Here’s a link to the Free Booksy site for free Kindle books can be found.

Hope you find something you like.

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Pgh Murals-Homewood: Former School for Creative And Performing Arts

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Artists Signature_DSC0144




_DSC0152These murals were painted in 1993 when this building was known as CAPA High School (Creative and Performing Arts), Pittsburgh’s equivalent of FAME. The first image has the signatures of the artists. What I love most about this mural is how Afro-Centric it is. It has images that show the beauty of Africa, both in terms of people and animals. The last piece with the African equivalent of deer didn’t turn out so well, and is not included. I mostly tried to only tweak the lights/shadows, allowing you to see the decline of the mural, yet the beauty of what it was. Hope I succeeded. It is located on Frankstown Avenue near the corner of Brushton Ave. There is a playground in the same location. This was previously Belmar Elementary and is now the Student Achievement Center (an alternative school).

Wordless Wednesday

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Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA

Wordless Wednesday Update-R.I.P.

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No, I did not die. Nor have I been ill. I have been working hard on finishing a book project and planning and carrying out my mother’s 90th birthday celebration. I just didn’t have the time nor energy to work on this blog. I have continued taking photos, but did nothing with them. Today’s update includes the one I wrote about earlier but was unable to find. Fortunately, while looking for other things, I located it.Musical Mural

Since I last posted another one bit the dust. The building owner wanted to add windows to the building, so he painted over the mural. I almost cried when I saw that. I’ve re-posted that mural below so you know which one I speak of. The community was quite upset about this one going down, the owner promised to support local artists and the Sprout Fund. We’ll see if they keep that promise. There was an article about it in the Post-Gazette recently.


Beatty Street at Penn Avenue Penn Avenue at Beatty St.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone. I’ll likely post something festive next week, then back to the mural project.