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Goodreads Author Q&A

Goodreads has a new feature that I am exploring. Any Goodreads member can ask a question of any participating author. I just answered the standard questions. It will be fun to answer real questions from real people, so if you have time, post one for me. Goodreads Author Questions      

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Shooting Fireworks

I LOVE firework displays! In Pittsburgh, they are a multisensory experience. One of the local radio stations plays the “soundtrack” while the art show is displayed in the sky. It’s spectacular! In anticipation of the Fourth of July fireworks display this year, I’m refreshing my memory about the best ways to shoot fireworks. While there […]

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Psalm 119

Ah, the greatest challenge of them all. Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem with a stanza for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet (there are 22 letters in their alphabet), each stanza has eight verses. Each verse begins with the letter that begins that stanza (so eight verses for Aleph, eight verses for Beth, etc., […]

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