Acoustic Journal: Doug Hamer

Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 12•15

When I was writing my the second book of the Psalms in the Key of my Life series (Unfailing Love), I was looking for musical inspiration and found this album “Acoustic Journal: by Doug Hamer on I loved it! It inspired me so much that I matched the lyrics I wrote for Psalm 92: “Sabbath Song” to his track, “Come the Rain”. (Hit the play arrow, top left to listen to the album”).

Acoustic Journal by Doug Hamer


Sabbath Song

(To the tune of “Come the Rain” by Doug Hamer)

Psalm 92

Verse One:

Breathing in your spirit

Basking in your love

Bathing in the beauty of your creation

Building a healthier me


Verse Two:

Taking time to write a song

To strum on my guitar

Tickling the ivories

Tooting my own horn

(I am) Taking time for me

(Finally)Taking time for me.



Singing my Sabbath song

Joyous the whole day long

Finding rest for my weary spirit




I am like a palm tree blowing in the wind

Swaying back and forth again, and again, and again

Solidly planted with super strong roots

I sway and sway all day

The sweetest fruit I am able to produce

As my troubles fade away


Verse Three:

Hope and Faith become renewed

Helping me to grow strong

Healthy and lively I sing my song

How the Lord’s been good to me





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