Almost There…….Praise the Lord!

Written By: carolmoye - Feb• 27•15

I just uploaded the final proof of Praise the Lord, Psalms in the Key of my Life, Volume III (Psalms 101-150) to  Createspace. Tomorrow morning, I will be able to take one more look and either approve then, or wait until my self-selected publication date of March 5.

I want to take a moment now and thank my fabulous team of beta-readers/editors: Mary King, Wanda Williams, Alissa Clifford and Liz Scott. I am so blessed to have had these particular women as my review team. Each has strong grammatical skills (Mary is actually in school studying to become an editor). They each found different errors or things to tweak when reading through my proof. I can say with great certainty that I would NOT have been able to complete the editing without them. I had reached a point where I just couldn’t read it one more time.

From now until I push the “Approve” button, I will post a selection from the book each day. Today’s is Psalm 104.

In awe of your creation

Psalm 104

The Lord appears
Clothed in majesty and light
Using his hands
As a painter uses a brush
He begins with the heavens
Stretching them far and wide
Setting the sun on one end
The moon on the other
Dazzling stars set in place
To decorate the night sky
Riding on the wings of the wind
He continues
Working on his masterpiece
Planting the earth securely
Covering it first with waters
Then, at his command
Waters flow down
Uncovering mountains
And valleys
Finally forming massive oceans
Springs bubble in the valleys
Providing water for all living things
Birds fill the air with melodies
From the branches of mighty oaks

Rains pour from the heavens
Causing trees to bear
Fruits of all kinds

Grasses grow
Feeding cattle, sheep, and other livestock
Vineyards flourish
Making man happy
Olive trees provide oils
For cooking
And to make our skin and hair soft
Grains grow for bread
Feeding animals and mankind

You gave us the moon
To help us keep track of days
The sun to help us
Keep track of hours

You sent night where wild lions
And other night creatures thrive
At dawn, they rest
And our work begins
From the decks of large ships
We watch dolphins and whales play

The variety of your creation
Leaves me in awe
Every living thing depends on you
You reach down and satisfy our hunger
Perpetually caring for
And restoring your amazing creation

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  1. Congrats, Carol! And thanks for the kind words. Your book was a pleasure to read. Don’t forget to celebrate on March 5!

  2. Carol E Wyer says:

    Congratulations, Carol!

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