Author Interview Reflections

Written By: carolmoye - May• 17•14

I have a confession. When I offered to “interview” authors with new releases from the Christian Indie Writer’s Group, I was looking for a way to force myself to “rest”. I was excited about the prospect of helping others while resting, but didn’t realize how doing so would bless me. Here are some of the many ways I benefited from the experience:

1. It brought substantially more traffic to my blog.

2. It forced me to rest, allowing some much needed healing to take place.

3. I corresponded with some really amazing people.

4. I read some great books (or parts of them anyway), some in genres I may not have otherwise touched. I have two books I am halfway through at this point. It’s hard to decide which to finish first.

I was a bit afraid when I committed to reading at least a sample from each writer. Sometimes Indie writers publish things that really aren’t very good, or aren’t edited well. These books far exceeded my expectations. I was able to write honest blurbs about how much I enjoyed each one.

5. I could feel the working of the Holy Spirit in and through these great writers.


Cherie, Dawn, Diane, Wayne, Logan, KD, Madeline and Shane, thanks for allowing me to interview you and for blessing my life.


May God richly bless your writing careers.




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  1. Dawn Turner says:

    Just go and make me weepy, girl. 🙂 You’re most welcome, and thank you for having me on your blog.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting us! Glad it blessed you as much as it did me.

  3. Carol, it was sweet of you to feature unknowns on your blogsite. I enjoyed getting to know you, and will pray for healing. I didn’t realize you were dealing with some health issues. God is our guide and He brought a blessing to me and meeting you, too.

  4. Logan Crowe says:

    I am still close to speechless concerning Carol’s generosity. It is quite strange that in our dysfunctional society a gem of Carol’s stature often remains hidden in a Jewellers case. The gem so valuable that it is locked in a safe at the back of the store. I am so happy that you broke out to dazzle me and many others with your brilliance and clarity. I don’t think Elizabeth Taylor ever conceived of a Diamond so fine.

    Thank you, Logan
    Ps. If any readers have insightful ideas as to how to capitalize on her blog please contract me through my website….

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