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Yesterday, I went to the Hanover Book Festival. It was a great experience. I attended two workshops . The first was on internet marketing by Jason Jacobs ( ). He discussed how to maximize the use of your website to help market your book.

Here are his main points. Consider the purpose of your website. A successful website has three purposes:

A. Conversion: What do you want the visitor to do? Make it obvious and easy.

B. Community:

  1. Hub for your followers
  2. Exclusive content
  3. Build your email list

C. Communication

  1. News and updates
  2. Blogs (with useful content)

Email list:

  1. Build it with people who want to hear from you
  2. Usually sign up to receive a free offer
  3. Keep a relationship going


  1. Publish links to posts
  2. Engage with fans
  3. Drive people to your site
  4. Find groups in your niche


  • Tweet links to your posts
  • Offer exclusive content
  • Build your following
  • Engage with fans

Pro tip:

  • Follow authors in your niche

Action Steps

  1. Come up with an offer
  2. Decide where your hub will be
  3. Promote your offer

Use QR codes. They are powerful tools.`


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