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Written By: carolmoye - Aug• 12•13

Yesterday, I did a book swap with an author who seemed to be similar to me in terms of audience/intent. His name is Paul B. Stimson. His book, On Earth as in Heaven, is not on Amazon. He completely self-published, meaning he printed and bound his own book. It is a described as “reflections on the magnificent, transcendent, paradoxical reality of the Kingdom of Heaven and its intimate presence within us”. What I find is short narratives that do indeed reflect on all he said, but are very thought-provoking. It is set up as a study guide, perfect for group discussions.

His website is: 

The book is only available from him as far as I can tell.

It’s really funny, but my audience includes far more southern white men than I anticipated. In terms of strangers who have read my book, all have been white, and all but one has been male, mostly from the south (judging by those who have written reviews or who I actually gave a book to). That’s fine with me. The reason it strikes me strange is because that’s the scariest group for me. Some of my writing is rather left-wing (where I imagine Jesus would be). I envision the religious right as being predominantly southern white males. Am I deceived about this too?

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