Book Review-She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilkes

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 20•14

She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilke

Book Description:

New Year’s Eve. It’s late, well past the midnight hour. A woman looking for respite from noise, champagne, and tensions with her boyfriend steps out to clear her head. She calls out that she’ll be back shortly and heads down the quiet neighborhood street… and never comes back.

A man with too much to drink and too fast a car roars by on that same darkened road and, in a flash of motion and impact, is stunned to see the face of a startled woman smash into his windshield. When the car stops he shakes in silence, waiting for… something. But when no one approaches, no cars go by and no inquiring lights flicker on, fear and panic take over and he makes the unfathomable decision to drive away… and never look back.

“She Tumbled Down,” a short story by longtime Huffington Post contributor and author (After The Sucker Punch) Lorraine Devon Wilke, follows the ripple effects of this tragic hit-and-run, attempting to answer that unanswerable question, “Who could do such a thing?” From that first fateful moment through the months and years that follow, the narrative weaves through the lives of seemingly disparate characters, threading the initial event into another story, a love story, that ultimately links to the tragedy in unexpected ways. (Short story: 7300 words)

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a very well written story of a terrible tragedy and how it affected so many lives. Lorraine Devon Wilke is an excellent writer. I finished the book in an hour or so, fully captivated-mentally and emotionally. I was really pulling for the characters. It was quite easy to understand the complexities involved.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Carol, and for posting the book’s info and your review here on your site. Really appreciate the support and am delighted you enjoyed the book!


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