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Written By: carolmoye - Jan• 29•15

There have been many times in my life that God has sent someone into my life who provided just what I needed at that time. Alisa, half of the Clifford Rush writing team, is one of those persons. I was thinking about not blogging anymore, since it seemed that no one read it anyway, when Alisa wrote some very encouraging words in the comments on a “Wordless Wednesday”. I promised myself over a year ago that I would take my camera out at least once a week, no matter how I felt, and share at least one photo every Wednesday. Knowing that someone noticed was the fuel I needed to continue. When she commented, I noticed that she referred to Clifford Rush as a writing team. It took me a few weeks, but eventually, I went to Amazon and searched for books by Clifford Rush. I bought the short story, No Eye Has Seen, not really knowing what to expect. It was amazing. I purchased it to read on an upcoming trip. I opened it the day before to preview it, and could not put it down. It’s an urban mystery that is not filled with sex and profanity, just great writing. The characters are well-developed. It is intellectually stimulating, yet thrilling. I loved it so much, that I finished it that day, leaving myself with nothing exciting to read on my trip. Naturally, I returned to Amazon and purchased their novel, No Mind Has Conceived (End of Days Book 1), and loved it just as much. The Clifford Rush team successfully managed to keep me hooked from beginning to end. The detective and his assistant are great characters. The whole investigating team is made up of lovable, fallible characters who are giving everything they have to fight evil. I’m really looking forward to their next book.

Book Description: No Eye Has Seen

Book Cover: No Eye Has seen by Clifford RushTwo sisters—one is a cook, and the other is a criminal—seem to have nothing in common. Yet they share a secret someone is willing to kill for. Arlington Police Detective John Metcalf uses unexpected clues to solve one of his toughest murder cases. This is a 4-part, fast-paced short story.



Book Description: No Mind Has Conceived (End of Days Book 1):

Book Cover: No Mind Has Conceived  by Clifford RushWhat if the antichrist controlled the internet? Detective John Metcalf’s current case forces him to consider the possibility as he races to find a missing senator’s daughter in the greater D.C. area.

At the crime scene, Metcalf finds a cross pendant necklace. An identical necklace shows up at a second location attached to a corpse. He finds a third cross worn by his son. To solve the case, Metcalf recruits an unexpected team, including an Israeli Special Forces operator, a farm girl, a news anchor, and two MIT dropouts.

Metcalf must reconstruct the victim’s last days to protect his son. He learns the senator’s daughter took a dare, researched prophesy, fell in love with an Israeli, begged for her reporter friend’s help, and stumbled onto a truth worth killing for. Skeptical, Metcalf follows the facts, but he can’t explain a series of supernatural roadblocks, culminating with a threat to his son. Facing an impossible situation, Metcalf realizes there are things No Mind Has Conceived.

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No Eye Has Seen

No Mind Has Conceived (End of Days Book 1):

About the Authors:

Clifford RushClifford Rush is the pen name of husband-wife writing team Dave and Alisa Clifford. They share 15 years in law enforcement along with entrepreneurial success. Clifford Rush novels combine fast-paced plots with dynamic characters, and always leave you with something new to think about.

Dave and Alisa first met when they were fourteen-years-old. He gallantly gave her his jacket during a chilly whale-watching trip out of Westport, Washington. They’ve been together ever since. Married for over two decades, they currently live in Idaho. Learn more at


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  1. Alisa here: Thank you, Carol, for the lovely write up. I can’t remember exactly how I found your blog, but two things made me sign up for it. One, you recommended Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Logan Crowe. This book looked interesting. I have since read it. I liked it and appreciated the info on your blog that pointed me in that direction. The other reason why I signed up for your blog was your posts on Wordless Wednesdays. Some of my weeks (like everyone’s!) are so crazy, it is nice to pause mid-week and simply appreciate. In your case, it’s a photo. I like to take a breath, regroup, and then resume whatever I’m doing. Thank you again for showcasing Clifford Rush on your blog.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I too enjoyed both of those stories. It is wonderful to meet another who does also.

  3. What a great review!! I’m so glad I was introduced to your page. My daughter (13) enjoys taking pictures and it’s a wonderful idea to have her take pictures for my blog on a weekly basis. That would help her learn and grow and keep me from scrambling to find a picture every week! 🙂

    I am also a huge fan of Clifford Rush. It’s awesome to see someone take the time to do this for an author they enjoy reading. I hope to be as blessed.

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