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Written By: carolmoye - Jul• 31•14
Aspiring Photographer

Photo by Foster Owens

It seems I have become the regular poster for the Feel Like Going On Community Blog through the Post Gazette. The fun part of that is that the students we are mentoring in the Still Feel Like Going On project are now contributing. Take a look at our blog and see their photos (and some from the mentor photographers as well).

Feel Like Going On Blog


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  1. Liz Scott says:


    I could see just a few posts, but I was glad to read that Pittsburgh photographers are “Going On.” I knew Teenie Harris and worked with a group that tried to start a gallery showing his work before I moved East.

    Also, just to mention, the link on to the gallery isn’t working, a message “Firefox can’t find the server at http://www.pbmfonline.org.” is displayed.


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