Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 27•13


Days eight, nine and ten of the 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge , I was on vacation. I am grateful that I got the chance to step away from my computer for three days. For the first time in a long time, I really appreciated the fall. I used my fire pit for the first time and loved it. The fire served at least three purposes: it made it warm enough in the evening for me and Rick to sit outside, it was a wonderful way to get rid of the branches that lay in my yard, it created some special mulch for my garden. The next day, I had a visit from my nephew and his new family. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, then shared stories around the fire. It’s been years since I did that. I am grateful for Kinesiology Tape. It helps alleviate pain, making me able to do more and enjoy more. Thirdly, I am grateful that my husband gave up his weekend to help me to enjoy mine. Not everyone’s spouse is so self-sacrificing.

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