I am Grateful for Maria and Guatemala

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 29•13

Lake AtitlanJuly was an exciting month for me, especially the week I was in Guatemala. My wonderful friend, Maria, invited me to visit her home there. I promised everyone at home that I would blog the experience and post the photos I took. I am deeply grateful to Maria for doing everything in her power to keep me posting and to make it the best vacation I ever had. I loved the people, the culture, the wildlife, and the freshness of everything (especially the fruit). Maria and I have similar passions, so she knew exactly where to take me. She also was very careful to keep me from injuring myself and making sure I had time to rest. Her compassion, fun-loving spirit, and flexibility are just a few of the many things I greatly admire about her. If you’d like to visit my Guatemala blog, the link is below. Under that is a separate link to the photo gallery.

Guatemala Blog

Guatemala Photo Gallery


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