I am Grateful for Steven

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 23•13

It’s Day 6 of my 21 Days of Gratitude challenge.  I should begin by saying that I am grateful for all three of my children. Unlike some, I do not have a favorite. Each one blesses my life in a different way. Since this week’s gratitude post is dedicated to those who have commented on my blog posts however, Steven is the one that I express my gratitude to today. If you don’t know him, Steven is an amazing artist who has spent this year creating and sharing a new piece every day. It’s been amazing watching his talents flourish through this process. Steven is also a talented photographer (although he doesn’t admit this). Using my hand-me-down camera, he encourages me to go shooting with him. We both love nature photography, so we visit places that we both love, looking for beauty together. He also is more likely than my other two to comment on the photos I post in my gallery. With his encouragement, and constructive criticism, I continue to grow. Last week, I told him that I take and post a new photo every Wednesday. Today, I don’t feel like doing it, but I press ahead, knowing that he now expects me to. If he can create new art every single day. I can at least manage it once a week. Besides, it’s fall. It should not be hard to find something pretty to photograph today. Thanks for the encouragement and for being such a wonderful son, Steven. I’ll have the new image posted by this evening.

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