I am Grateful for Tish

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 28•13

I am so grateful for Tish, my youth group leader, friend, sister.  She has been a wonderful support to me for at least forty years. Sensing my struggle a little over a year ago, she paid for a massage for me, and shared a meal with me, boosting me up when I most needed it. She has read and shared my book, even coercing me to do a reading at the church I grew up in. When I had my book signing, she shared the word, and got people to come-she even brought flowers for myself and my daughter (who was signing books at the same event). When my mother became ill at the church assembly four hours from home, Tish became a surrogate daughter until I could arrive. When I went to Guatemala, she ” followed me” on my trip, sharing my blog with her church family. Most importantly, she keeps my mother and me held up in prayer and covered with love. I cannot imagine where I would be without her support, prayers and encouragement.

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  1. Chaquita Barnett says:

    (WE) are grateful for TISH- She has been all of the above and more to the Barnett Family. The one thing everyone can say for Dr. T is that her love is unconditional and she loves the unlovely. She has touched the lives of many young people who are touching the lives of others all over the world. (We) are blessed to have her in our lives. I doubt that she knows that she has been a peer mentor for me since the beginning of our relationship. Dr. T. had me at “Hi, my name is Tish Clipper. God Bless You.”

    • carolmoye says:

      She is an amazing woman of God. It would be amazing to see a line-up of all the people whose lives have been impacted by her.

  2. andrea m says:

    Phenomenal woman indeed,
    style and grace beyond exceed!
    caring thoughtful and generous,
    loving , faithful , and humorous,
    how she does it all only God knows.
    consistent wise and persistent and not afraid to keep us on our toes.
    We love you Dr Tish this much is very true. We love the fact that Christ’s love shines through and through

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