I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends

Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 24•13

An author I have met online, T.A. Walters is promoting his book, “Island Adventures aboard the Southern Fox” . It is free today and tomorrow. It’s a great love story.  He has read my book, and at the end of his book wrote the following:

“Recently, I discovered a newly released (to Amazon Kindle) lovely book by Carol Shelton Moye. The title of her book is: Psalms in the Key of my Life.

This is a beautifully written book, where Ms. Moye outlines her thoughts in prosaically written text that correlate separately with each of the first fifty verses of Psalms.

Ms. Moye’s work is a reflection of a person who has charted her voyage through rough waters, and has gained wisdom from those lessons God has bestowed on her.

Carol Shelton Moye is currently working on the sequel to this inspirational book. I look forward to its publication.

Psalms in the Key of my Life can be purchased from Amazon Kindle Store as well as Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.Take a peek inside her book here:


I am honored and deeply appreciative that he would promote my book at the end of his. What a great man!

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