Make a Joyful Noise!!!

Written By: carolmoye - Nov• 19•13

The first draft of Volume II is complete!! It’s rather rough in spots, but my goal of having the rough draft done by the end of November has been reached. I really feel like celebrating.

Psalms 73 through 83 were very difficult for me. These are The Psalms of Asaph. These were probably the initial inspiration for the project. I could never get all the way through these Psalms. Somewhere in this set, I would quit. I just didn’t like them, and couldn’t relate. Psalms 96-99 (Some include in the collection of The Royal Psalms) are mostly about the scary God. I had trouble writing those also. I am uncomfortable with that image of God (except when I need him to come in and fight my battles 🙂 ). I wanted to abandon this project a few times in the last month or so, but God jumped in with inspiration every time I thought I couldn’t do it.

I took a glance at what I will have to deal with in Volume III (101-150), reminding myself of their content. Most of them are Psalms of Praise, many are Psalms of David (my favorite Psalms writer, with Solomon a very close second) and I realize that indeed “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I actually wrote a few of them a couple of years ago, so I even have a head start.

My “reflection” for Psalm 100 is a song titled, “Make a Joyful Noise”. It has a bit of a native flair to it. I began this composition with a drum-like instrument I bought in Guatemala. I wanted it to be upbeat and joyous. For now, I only have a melody. I now need to do the hard part and work on the harmony.

Here are the lyrics: (Don’t forget it’s a very rough draft. I wrote this 5 minutes ago. I share only because I feel like celebrating)

Make a joyful noise!
Make a joyful noise!
Make a joyful noise to our God

Verse One:
Serve him with joy
Make a joyful noise
The Lord’s been good to me


Verse Two:
Formed us with his hands
Thrills us with his plans
Bless His holy name


He loves you so
His mercy he will show
From age to age the same

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