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I met Cindy Patterson through my blog. We both loved the books written by the Clifford Rush team. She liked the page I did for them, and wished someone would do the same for her. I promised to do just that if I liked her book. I found it on her blog, Broken Butterfly by Cindy Pattersondownloaded a sample and was drawn in right away. I admit that I don’t generally reach for romance books. I greatly enjoy romance when mixed with another genre, but straight romance books are like pop music to me-just a bit too simplistic and sappy. My daughter laughs at my need for complex music. Well, it’s the same for me and books. I crave intellectual stimulation more than most readers. I write this review thinking of what most readers need in a romance book. I think Cindy Patterson did a great job of creating the ideal Christian romance. Her main character is rather lost. She feels like only one person ever really loved her and even that person abandoned her. She has never been to church, and knows nothing about the power of God’s love until when fleeing an abusive relationship, she is taken to Paradise, PA. I will go no further with the description, as I hate when reviewers give away too much. I will just say that by the end her character has grown in many ways, and learns what love really feels like on many levels. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, so much so that her characters invaded my dreams. 🙂  It was a relaxing read, and very heartwarming. I highly recommend it for those who love Christian romance novels.

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy about this book and her writing career. Here are her responses:

What inspired you to become a writer?

When I first fell in love with reading over 20 years ago, I stumbled across stories that were a hindrance to my Christian background. When my mom introduced me to her collection of Christian historical fiction authors, I found that it was just as easy to get hooked on things of Christ. I love reading a story that draws me in so deeply that I feel lost once it’s over because I can’t stop thinking about the characters. I wanted to create my own story to make that feeling last. With so many secular stories to choose from, I wanted to give those seeking out romance novels a clean version, that would also be uplifting and encouraging.

How long have you been writing? ( Is this your first novel?)

I was writing poetry as early as the 3rd grade, but I started my first novel 7 years ago, the same year I started homeschooling. Broken Butterfly isn’t my first novel, but a (stand alone) sequel to my first, that hasn’t been published yet. I’m struggling with a title.

What inspired you to write about a character who had been physically abused?

Abuse is a living, breathing reality for a lot of people. I witnessed someone very close to me live through and escape an abusive relationship. I wanted to give readers a reason to care about my main character, and even some who could relate to the things she experienced. And I have actually heard from a reader who felt she was reading about her own life as she read of Mallory’s past.

Have you actually spent time in Paradise, PA? If so, have you spent time with an Amish family?

I have visited Paradise, PA, on two separate occasions. The first, I was able to spend some time at an Amish farm, and that led me to reading more about them. I visited the area a few years later, but didn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked. I hope to return and spend more time in the near future.

Paul’s character seems to go between both worlds rather well. Isn’t this unusual?

Yes, he does. Because he grew up Amish, there is a tie that binds him to his roots, but his love for Rachel helped him make the choice to join her world. Paul and Rachel are the main character’s of my first novel, where you’ll learn their story. I plan to release that novel this year.

What message do you want your readers to get from this book?

The world needs more Hope, Faith, and Love. And I hope God will use this story, and all of my stories, to empower someone to overcome their own struggles in life.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on two very different kind of novels. One is a historical romance, and the other is taking on a life of its own. I’m not sure where it’ll lead, but they’ll definitely include romance with a little suspense.

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About the Author

Cindy PattersonYou can find Cindy Patterson in North Carolina with her wonderful husband and three amazing children. Her passions include Jesus, homeschooling, writing, and drama ministry. You’ll find her at any given time with her family on a baseball field watching her youngest son play, as her oldest son and husband coach from the sideline. You can also find her watching her daughter dance, tucked away reading, or cooking when she’s not writing. She’s a member of ACFW.


Visit Cindy’s Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you, Carol, for showcasing ‘Broken Butterfly” on your blog today and for your invitation to interview me. I feel so blessed that Alisa from the Clifford Rush team introduced me to your blog and it led to this. Thanks again!!

  2. I recently finished reading my hard copy of Broken Butterfly. Carol, you have done a wonderful job of summarizing the very special romance in this story. I sincerely agree with your comment ‘heartwarming.’

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