Mother-Daughter Book Signing Event

Written By: carolmoye - Aug• 21•13


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  1. Dr. Lutitia Clipper says:

    The Mother-Daughter Book Signing is a great expression of love. What a tremendous gift to have passed this precious artistic gift through genes, nurtured it and now to enjoy the presentation of the gift for all to share with your daughter. . . a blessing. Enjoy this sweet fruit a living legacy. Looking forward to my signed copies from you artistes this Saturday! So happy for you & Alana for this experience! Happy for you & Richard as proud parents of such talented adult children. Yes, truly a blessing from the Lord. Enjoy !
    T!sh C.

    • carolmoye says:

      Thanks. It’s going to be an exciting event because we have such an amazing support community. Any successes in my life are due to people who love and pray for me. No doubt Alana can say the same thing.

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