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Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 28•15

So, you know how the best things in life are way closer than you think? This is the perfect example. I found a map of murals in Pittsburgh that was created by some amazing biker. When I looked at it, I noticed a location that is within walking distance of my house. Of course, I had to go check it out. It turned out to be, perhaps my favorite one of all. I cannot really show it to you in a way that does it justice. It’s as wide as half of a city block, painted in the loading dock of a huge warehouse. It is beautiful, positive, and just simply fun. I have included shots of the separate pieces, because that was the best I can do for now.  There’s a cool message too. At first I didn’t get it, but when I looked at them from a different vantage point I did. I’m shaking my head at how something so very close was so easily missed.


Anything (painted mural)IS….

How you




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