November Unblurred

Written By: carolmoye - Nov• 05•14

Today I break all the rules. First of all, I am using words. Secondly, these are not new photos. I share them because they will be on exhibit at the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh this Friday during the November Unblurred Event. If you are in town, check it out. It looks like a really fun event. If you are unable to attend Friday’s event,  there will be others, or just stop by the gallery any Sunday in November. Here’s a description of the show I am in:


Most Wanted Fine Art
5015 Penn Avenue
Retrospective of Mozelle Thompson
MWFA resident artist Jay Malls presents a retrospective of Mozelle Thompson. Mozelle was an artist, born in Pittsburgh, who resided in Garfield while attending Peabody High School in the mid-1940’s. Close to 100 Albums illustrated by Mozelle will be joined by Teenie Harris photographs, as well as photos and original art provided by the family. To tie the history to the present the exhibit also includes new works by Kenneth Neely. Neely’s photographs easily remind a viewer of the work of Teenie Harris. They are beautiful images full of powerful stories of everyday life. Free Events planned every Sunday in November.

The show described in the paragraph above is on the first floor. My work, and the work of the Feel Like Going On group will be hanging in the basement. I am honored even to have a spot in the basement. They asked us to join them because we spent a year trying to shoot in the style of Teenie Harris. The photos I share were taking during that year (2005).


Here are two of my images:

Brother Ash with a sign in memory of August Wilson


Hot Dog Eater



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  1. Liz Scott says:


    I always appreciate news from Pittsburgh, thanks for sharing these pictures and the Penn Avenue art events.

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