The Power of Book Reviews

Written By: carolmoye - Apr• 06•15

For those of you who read books, especially books by self-published authors, or authors with small independent publishers, I just want to remind you that reviews really do matter to authors. When I completed my first book, I read a lot and went to writer’s group meetings and learned what “successful” writers do. At that point, I wanted the reviews because supposedly Amazon will help sell your book if you have a large number of reviews. This led me to release my book places I probably shouldn’t have, in turn, leading to a couple of unfavorable reviews from some who didn’t agree with my politics. It took a few well written positive reviews to help me rebound from one negative one. Getting free books from Amazon is nice. What’s even nicer is your taking the time to let the author know what you think, especially if you like the book. It really does matter. The day you post your review just might be the day the author was feeling like giving up. Your words might be just the fuel that he or she needed that day.

Wordless Wednesday

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Bees already?



Weeks after the crocuses bloomed in VA, there crocuses in my yard here in Pittsburgh are showing their faces.


Fun with on-camera and Photoshop filters.

Fun with on-camera and Photoshop filters.

Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Writing Tips from Writers Write

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Time to Celebrate!

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My new book, Praise the Lord: Psalms 101-150 (Psalms in the Key of my Life: Vol. III)

Praise the Lord coveris now available for purchase.  There are several things that make this launch more exciting than the first two. First of all, it is the completion of a project that I was not at all sure I would be able to complete, and never imagined selling to the public. Secondly, I’m not one to usually say things like this, but I felt the interaction with spiritual forces as I got close to finishing and even more when I finished. I know that stuff scares some folk, and there are some who don’t quite believe in unseen forces, but was I very much aware of them, especially yesterday when I hit the Nookpress submission button (my final step for now). I was overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and had myself a good old-fashioned praise party. 🙂

I submitted the print book without noticing that the title is too close to the top of the cover. I fixed that issue in a previous draft, but I resubmitted the title when I noticed a grammatical error on the back, and must have sent the wrong version. Anyway, I have corrected this issue, but cannot promise you’ll get the correct version. If you want the paperback, email me at c (dot) moye (at) verizon (dot) net, and I will be happy to gift you a copy (especially if you are willing to write an honest review). This offer expires on March 13th.

For those of you who prefer reading on electronic devices, the offer of a free copy in exchange for an honest review does not expire. Just email me, and I will be happy to gift you a copy.

I have lowered the prices on all three books. All are .99 until next Friday. After that, the first two will go up to $1.99 for a week, then back to $2.99. The new book will stay at $.99 for about three weeks as I want to market it as a discount book before I raise the price.

I am part of the Amazon Affiliate program (meaning my account is set up but I don’t use it much). If you click on any of the links on this page, and make a purchase, I’ll get 4% of the sale (translation: a few cents).

Here are the purchase links for all three books on Amazon.

Volume III (New release):

Volume I:

Volume II:

The Barnes and Noble link for the new book (the first two are there as paperbacks, and the first is also available for Nook):


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Wordless Wednesday

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Firepit on snowy day

Psalm 126

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To the followers of my Wordless Wednesday posts, I greatly apologize. I have been insanely busy working on getting this book ready for publication. I will try to post something later today, but at this point, I have nothing new.

Today’s psalm is one of the Songs of Ascent. In the introduction of the new book, I say that they were my least favorite to write. The reason they were difficult is that they felt too foreign at first. They were very much relating to the experience of Jews coming from bondage. After reading commentaries, however, I began to love them. As unlikely as this may seem to some, my father’s father was born into slavery (and apparently continued to enslaved until he fled to Pittsburgh, PA). I have spent a great deal of time trying to learn more about him and his family, and it has been quite difficult. In my research, I have read many slave narratives, and have read through plantation records. American slavery is very real to me. I share this reflection to make it clear to my readers that some of the content in this book may be difficult for some.

This one is about what it must have been like for former slaves when they heard that freedom had finally come. In my quest to learn more about slavery, I visited Brown’s Island in Richmond, VA. Part of a bridge that was destroyed at the end of the Civil War remains. On it are markers with actual quotes from people who were there on April 3, 1865 when President Lincoln came to visit a conquered Richmond and Jeff Davis was on his way south. It was a very powerful experience.

This scripture quoted in the first line hangs in the church my aunt pastored for years on a banner made by my cousin. Whenever I read it, I think of them.

One final note: I used image here where I originally meant to use imagine. I decided to keep it. 🙂


A Song of Ascents

Psalm 126

The Lord has done great things for us
Of which we are glad. *

We have dreamt so long of freedom
But it was hard to image
It really happening.
Until we heard the news,
Not from those who held us captive
But from the grapevine,
Master Abraham has freed us
The war is over
We’re free
You never heard such joy
Such praises
Tears of joy
Even those who oppressed us
Noticed our joy
And God’s favor toward us
God will restore our fortunes again
Those who wept while they sowed
Will harvest great joy!

*Psalm 126, verse 3, King James Version

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Psalm 121

Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 03•15

Where My Help Comes From

A Song of Ascents

Psalm 121

When I am aware that I need help
I look just beyond
Where my eyes usually look
My help comes from The One
Powerful and amazing enough
To have created the universe
Nothing happens to me
That he is not in control of
Not a slip of my foot
He is always watching
I get tired and I sleep
But he does not,
God watches over me
He is part of the dance that is my life
He is my shade, my sun,
The moonlight,
When those other things have gone

He shall protect me from evil
He restores, recharges my soul

He has been with me
From the day I took my first breath,
And will be with me
Until the moment of my death
What more could I possibly need?

Psalm 119 and Book progress update

Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 02•15

After resubmitting every day this weekend, I finally clicked the “Approve” button. The paperback should be available on Thursday, March 5 at Amazon planned. If I am wrong, it will be there on Friday or Saturday. Now onto formatting the Kindle. I don’t let them do that automatically. I have seen some automatic messes on Kindle; besides, I’m a bit of a control freak. I center the text on the Kindle where it is left-aligned in the print version. I also create links to so my readers have easy access to the biblical text. That’s Tuesday’s mission. I’ll review it on-line, and on my Kindle, then submit, marking it for publication on Thursday. I have used Nookpress to create a hardcover edition as well. I’ll finish that on Wednesday. It will be available at The epub version may be delayed until next week, and initially only available at Check here on Thursday for my happy update. 🙂

Psalm 119 was the most difficult of all the psalms to write. It is the longest chapter not only in  book of Psalms, but in the entire Bible. It is an acrostic poem, containing one stanza for each of the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Each stanza contains eight verses. Each verse in that stanza begins with the same letter.

Another thing that makes Psalm 119 tricky (and le is that each line contains a synonym for the word “law”. The King James Version uses: law, statutes, judgments, precepts, testimonies, word, commandments, and way. So basically, for the first letter in the alphabet, each of the eight verses in that stanza would begin with that letter and contain one of those eight words. I challenged myself to stick to the same pattern, but using the English alphabet, which made it even longer. I also challenged myself when possible, to use more than one word with the letter featured in that stanza (alliteration). I generally avoided the use of the words statutes and precepts, and where possible, used law synonyms that corresponded with the letter of that particular stanza. At first, this process gave me terrible headaches, but after a while, I began to enjoy the challenge.

I have only included letters A-F. If you want to read the rest, buy the book. 🙂

The beauty of your law

Psalm 119


Awash in your testimony, I am absolutely joyful
Aspiring to always obey your commandments,
Anchored to your law, walking upright amid adversity
Acknowledging your law, I approach your altar
Asking you to assist me in staying true to your promises
Ashamed not, I aspire to obey your word
After correction, I apply your teachings
As I meditate on your law, advocate and advise


By studying your laws, I become pure
Breaking through the doubts, bound to your law
Being true to your word helps me behave
Blessed Lord, be my teacher
Bind your beautiful, brilliant laws to my breast
Better than bounty are your beatitudes
Becoming better balanced by your blessed Bible
Belief in your promises brings better days


Cause me to be conscious of your covenant
Captivated by your clear counsel
Chart my course with your commandments
Can’t imagine continuing without your law
Crying out to you, consuming your word
Cover me so that the callous can’t condemn me
Committed to closely following your call, I am
Counseled and calmed by your clear direction


Dust covers me. Deliver me with your word
Declaring my faith, devouring your decrees,
Decoding your instructions, I delight in your deeds
Depression deepens. Develop my faith in your promises
Deliver me from deceit as I digest your word
Devoted to daily study of your commandments,
Do not let me be disgraced as I follow your directives
Devoted to your laws, I deepen my understanding


Educate me, Lord. Make your expectations clear
Each of us needs to be eager to obey your law
Equip me to follow your edicts every day as I am
Enlightened by the education you offer
Excite me about living enriched by your way
Encourage my learning about your excellent word,
End my fear of punishment. Your expectations are fair
Every day I long for instruction, eager to live right


Failure to love me? Forget your promises? Foolishness!
Fools harass me, but I trust in your unfailing word
Faith in your laws gives me hope. I’ll not forsake them
Forever, I will follow your laws,
Feeling free to live my life fortified by your teachings
Face to face sharing your testimonies, feeling confident
Flourishing because I follow your commands,
Forging forward fervently following with faith


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