Praise the Lord!

Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 10•14

The title of this blog post is also the title of Volume III of my “Psalms in the Key of my Life” series.  I have completed the first ten so far. The challenge this time so far, is in finding a fresh way to say what it seems has already been said. As usual, God has given me what I need. The only repeat so far, is intentional. The empowerment from this project comes from the amazing poetic devises used in “Book 5” of the Psalms (Psalm 107-150). Psalm 108 is actually basically the first several verses of Psalm 59 and the last several verses of Psalm 60. I included part of my Psalm 59 reflection, and the gist of the message from Psalm 60.So far, almost all of my reflections for this group end with the word “Hallelujah”, and most begin with the words, “Praise the Lord.” I am thinking to make that the plan for the whole book, but we’ll see.

Here is the first draft of my reflection/poem for Psalm 108.

Praise, Prayer, Promises

Psalm 108

I begin this day with praise
My heart is at peace and filled with confidence again
I am ready to sing your praises.

Rise up bow
Get your hairs ready
Time to make beautiful music again
Fingers run along the keys
Make harmonies that celebrate
The unfailing love of my God

Your love is as high as the heavens
Your faithfulness from one end of the earth
To the other

Once more,
I call on you for help,
For guidance

Aware that you are a god
Who keeps promises

You promised to help
As you have in the past
Every time I need you
You come through
In amazing ways
I rejoice now,
Knowing that as I journey
Through this life
You will be with me
Leading me to success,
To victory
Blessing me over and
Over and over again.



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