Psalm 141Reflection

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 14•14

The second volume of my series, Psalms in the Key of my Life, was created fresh. There was nothing I had written earlier that was worth keeping (actually very litte that was written at all). Not so, with volume III. Psalms 121 and 141, I kept just as they were. There were several others I had written that I tweaked just a bit.  Here is Psalm 141. It still needs a title. Something about prayer, but what shall the title be? I welcome your input.


Lord, I cry out to you. No other help I know.
Hear my cry
Let my prayers rise to you
As the smoke from incense rises toward the heavens.
Let the lifting of my hands
Of my heart, be as a sacrifice of old
Guard my lips as a German Shepherd guards a home.
Warn me when I am about to misspeak
Keep my lips from evil, and from foolish words
Help me to avoid evil thoughts, words and actions
Help me to resist the temptation
To follow the ways of those around me
Help me to accept, even to solicit correction from the righteous
Help me to speak words that are sweet, uplifting, encouraging;
Words that will help others to grow and to avoid evil.
Lord, you are my shelter.
Remind me to take the path that leads to your protection
Instead of the path that leads to hard times.
Help me to escape snares that may be laid for me,
And lead me to the green pastures
Still waters
And the table you have prepared for me
Where I will find joy and peace

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