Richmond, VA: Favorite Restaurants

Written By: carolmoye - Aug• 30•14

Places I’ve been to eat in Richmond, VA and LOVE:

1. Croaker’s Spot: Great fish and other seafood dishes, very generous portions

2. Mama J’s:  Servers greet you with “Welcome Home”. Great food. Reasonable prices.

3. Strawberry Street Cafe: If for no other reason, you MUST check out the salad in the tub.

4. Buzz and Ned’s Barbecue:  Great barbecue!

5. Bistro 27: Great atmosphere. Wonderful servers. Great Sunday brunch! Slightly pricey, but not unreasonable.

Best burgers: My son and I disagree. He likes What-a Burger. I do too. A lot. Can’t beat the price either. That being said, Carytown Burgers and Fries wins the best burger award so far for me.


My ABSOLUTE Favorite place to go in Richmond (Not a restaurant though) is For the Love of Chocolate. If you are ever in Richmond, you MUST go there. Best chocolate selection anywhere. Best candy selection, period.


This is the short list. I’ll add more later.


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