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Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 14•16

I added my third book to Story Cartel recently. This is a site where you can download books for free, and are encouraged (but not required) to write reviews when you finish.  When I added my book in the hopes that others would review it, I committed to reading and reviewing at least two books that I found there. Here are the two I chose. Clicking on the title, the photo, or the links at the bottom will take you to the book’s page on The “Speaking Chimney” is still available for free in the short story section on Story Cartel, but “Vintage Blend” has expired.


The Speaking Chimney was a short read. It was a fun story about a teenager who felt he had little to offer until he began to receive notes that were dropped down the chimney, leading to visions, and inspiring him to take action in some very positive ways. I really enjoyed it. Unlike some, I like reading short stories, especially on Sundays, and this one was delightful.


 Vintage Blend: Seasoned for Life is a collection of short stories, essays and poems written by someone uses the term “vintage” to describe herself due to age and experience, and “blend” to describe the eclectic collection. They were a true mix, but mostly heartwarming stories that were meant to be uplifting and to remind the reader of what is truly important in life. As is normal in a collection like this, some are stronger than others, but most were enjoyable and well written.


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