Today’s Short Story Assignment

Written By: carolmoye - Sep• 16•13

Today’s challenge was to create a character with two conflicting personality traits or desires. In this case, the character wants to get revenge on his/her unfaithful husband/wife/partner, but also wants to save the relationship.

This is the result of the 10 minute activity:

LuWanda’s Story

Luwanda sat in her driveway, the engine of her Lexus IS convertible still running, tears flowing like water from a freshly ruptured pipe. She was just returning from her doctor’s office. After a series of tests it was determined that she had been infected with the HIV virus. At this point, she was not really ill. It was lucky for her that after years of not doing so, she had decided to donate blood. The blood bank worker who did the screening rejected her as a donor encouraging her to see her doctor.

LuWanda was a devoted Christian and had never been unfaithful to her husband Derrick, so this could mean only one thing. Derrick, her soul mate and husband of 34 years had been sexually active with another woman or man. Given the two alternatives, she would feel better knowing it was a woman.

How will she even look him in the eye? How does she approach him? At this moment she desperately wants to hurt him as badly as he hurt her. All possibilities, including murder, enter her mind, even if only briefly. She ponders acting out the scene from Waiting to Exhale where Angela Bassett’s character sets fire to her husband’s car with his clothes inside, yet the Christ inside her implores her to forgive him. That could be the hardest of all the possibilities. How do you forgive someone who breaks your heart and gives you what appears to be a death sentence? She realizes she has not been all he needed sexually, but she still is outraged that he would be so careless, putting both of their lives at risk. She tries to pray, but all that she can get out is “Help me Jesus,”

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