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Written By: carolmoye - May• 25•13

Feeling fatigued for too long and desperate for a solution, I decided to use this week to focus on my health and restoration. I made sure I went to a yoga class or at least practiced yoga each day, played my piano each day,  prayed more, ate more fresh produce, listened to music, and spent some time with my camera. What I did not do, was to write (except a teeny bit with this blog). What a wise move that was!  I am feeling much more energetic. There were a few points that I was eager to write, but I stopped myself.

White Carnation

Here is what I relearned.  I am not solely a writer. I do not function well when I try to be that. I am a writer, a musician,  and an artist whose primary medium is photography. It is essential that I nurture all of those gifts. Don’t be misled, I am by no means a great musician, but that does not matter. What I have known for years is that I am much healthier and happier if I am playing music each day (or nearly each day). I also need to take photos, paint or draw at least a couple of times each week. While writing is an art-especially poetry, I need colors, tones, shades. I need physical images as well as images created with words. I need it all to be whole.

I had it right in March. I spent Mondays writing short stories, Tuesdays and Thursdays were devoted to music. Wednesday was poetry day. That worked well. I don’t know why I deviated. I mostly like that schedule. (Although I am thinking that Friday will become poetry day, and Wednesdays for photography). Sundays are my art date days. I like to go and view someone else’s art or music (or movie) , often spending time with my son, the artist.  If I stay home, I create art.

So, what about Saturday? Perhaps it is editing or catch up day. Perhaps it should be “Spend time with my hubby day”, gardening or whatever. Keep it loose I am thinking.

Hopefully, the end result will be a happier, healthier me, and a flourishing of all of my talents. I am immensely grateful for the gift of time to develop my talents. I am eager to see where all of this leads.

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