Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - May• 27•15

In the process of working on the flower photography book, I find it really difficult to decide when to stop. I now have 144 photos in my gallery, and yet I keep shooting. I am giving myself until mid-late June; then I have to stop and put the book together. I have come up with a cool idea though. Sometimes when I just don’t feel like going anywhere, I just go to my yard, or the yard of one of my neighbors. I have explained what I am doing, and they have happily agreed to allow me to traipse through their gardens with my camera. Today’s photos are from my next door neighbor, and the neighbor two doors up. They are dramatically different gardeners. One keeps their garden pristine. Every thing is controlled, and as near perfect as possible. They other likes the wildness of nature. There are many wildflowers (some would say weeds), but also many beautiful things he has planted. The peonies are from the pristine garden. The purple iris and poppy are from my “wilder” neighbor. The Old English rose is from my garden. Starting next week, I will share a poem each Friday (most likely). It’s your job to hold me to this. 🙂BobkasthPurpleIris-edited





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