Psalm 91

Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 06•14

When my father was in the nursing home on life support, I would go visit him, Bible in hand. Psalm 91 was his favorite scripture, and I read it to him often. For that reason, this Psalm is special to me, and in my book is dedicated to my father. I still miss you, Dad.


A Soldier’s Psalm

Dedicated to James C. Shelton Sr.


Heading off to the front lines with supplies

You carry the best available protection

You are living

In the shadows

Of the almighty

Safe under his wings


He alone makes you feel safe

You trust him completely

No need to fear disease

Night terrors do not come

Although danger surrounds you

You feel secure


Thousands may be

Dying around you

Yet, you are unharmed

God sends his angels

They keep you steady

You do not stumble

You step on a land mine

It does not explode

Snakes and wild animals


But do not attack


Because you put your trust

In God

He hears your prayers

And returns you


To your family

Satisfying you

With a long

Full life

Staying by your side

Until he

Calls you home.

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