Timed Writing 1

Written By: carolmoye - Jan• 28•15

I am a member of a writing group called Walkerton Writers. At the start of each meeting, we are given a timed writing activity.

The prompt for this one was, “On seeing the first firefly of the season, the young girl asked her mom what makes the firefly light up.”

“Well Dear,” said her mother, “this is what my mother told me.”

Long, long time ago, when the world was still new and quite small, there lived a frog named Brutus. Brutus had a stomach like an empty pit. He never stopped eating. His favorite food as you guess was the bug we know as the firefly, except then they were just called brown bugs. Brutus ate so many brown bugs that they were nearly extinct. The ten who remained got together and went to the temple to speak to God (You see, he lived on the earth at that time).

“How can I help you fellas?” asked God.

“Brutus has eaten almost every one of our kind,” said Morris, the youngest of the brown bugs. “We need a way to stop him before we become extinct.”
“Okay little fella. Here’s what I’ll do. I’m going to make it so that whenever you need to, you can start a fire in your midsection. It will be contained and the area around it will not burn. It will get hot, however, so you can’t stay lit for long. If Brutus tries to eat you, his tongue will burn. That should be enough to stop him.”

“Thanks so much, God,” said Morris and the nine other brown bugs as they flew away.

The next day, Morris found himself about to become Brutus’ next meal. He hit the ignitor the way God told him to. Immediately, his midsection ignited. Brutus spit him out faster than you can say Jimminy Cricket. Those ten brown bugs soon became twenty, then forty and so on. Now they are everywhere, lighting up our skies.

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