2014 Reflections

Written By: carolmoye - Dec• 31•14

I have learned a great deal about myself in 2014. When I published my first book in 2013, I had no expectations, it was more of an experiment than anything else. I wasn’t ready to return to teaching (or even to enter a school building), so I thought it would be good to learn more about the world of self-publishing, hoping to be able to assist my daughter with her writing career if needed. Here is what I learned:

1. I was surprised by how many people actually liked my book.
2. Writing is lonely and is very hard work. I enjoy writing. Editing is not fun, but is tolerable. I HATE marketing.
3. I like selling books in person much better than trying to sell them online.
4. Amazon reviews can sting. In the same way, they can also be very encouraging. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel after a bad review, God send just the right encourager. It’s a hard lesson, but I have to learn to downplay the negative and accentuate the positive.
5. I enjoy writing fiction much more than non-fiction. My Psalms series was a calling. It was important, and well worth doing, but I am excited about finishing the final volume and just writing short fiction.
6. More than all of that, I love photography, and am looking forward to moving my photography business forward in some way in 2015.
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7. Blogging is work too. Moving forward, I will do it less often, mostly using it as a venue to support other writers. If you are a writer, and you’d like me to interview you, or help promote your book, please let me know.
8. I wrote reflections for all 150 Psalms. I wasn’t really sure I’d be able to do that. I was reminded once more that there is nothing that me and my God can’t do.
9. I miss being a teacher. I never want to return to full-time work, perhaps not even part-time, but I need to get back to working with teenagers again soon.
10. I LOVE the flexibility that comes with retirement. I never want to lose that. I have way too many hobbies, interests, etc., I am still trying to figure out how I ever fit a job into my life. 🙂

If you have never seen any of my books, they are personal reflections, following the themes of each of the biblical Psalms. Keep in mind that I am a black woman who worked in an urban school district.

Here are the Amazon links if you are interested in learning more or purchasing a copy:

Volume I: Psalms in the Key of my Life (Psalms 1-50)

Volume II: Unfaling Love (Psalms 51-100)


Happy New Year! Hoping your 2015 is filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity. May God bless you in ways you cannot even imagine.


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