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Written By: carolmoye - Apr• 23•13

Advice from David Morgan: Your book cover should look professional and should attract readers to your book. Yes, people still do judge a book by its cover. If you don’t have the skills to do it yourself, hire an art student. You will get it done cheaply and will help advance both their career and yours.

Links to articles on book covers/titles:

1. The Atlantic magazine article: “Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover?” by Betsy Morais (April 16, 2012)

2. Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs blog on book covers: “The ‘Billboard’ That can Make or Break Your Book’s Success,”  by Jonathan Gunson (August 2012).

3. Sarach Baughman’s Write it Sideways Blog: “What’s in a Name? Writing the Right Title” (A clever and helpful piece about choosing an evocative title).

(Not from David Morgan’s presentation)

4. I found another excellent article on book covers on, “If You Want to Design Your Own Cover.” (Thanks to Ice Cream for Zombies Facebook Page).

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