Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 08•15

There’s a new marketing service for Barnes and Noble authors. It’s called Bublish (https://www.bublish.com/home). They offered a free trial for two months, so I decided to give it a try. It’s pretty cool. It hasn’t actually helped me sell anything yet as far as I can tell, but I like the way it works. You upload the epub version of your book, then select a chapter or some excerpt, which they call a bubble. You can then share that bubble via Twitter or Facebook. The other cool thing is that they post tweets for me on weekends, and the last two Mondays I have been part of their floating bookstore through Storify.com

Here’s a link to my Bublish Author Profile.

Bublish Author Profile: Carol Shelton Moye


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  1. Carol E Wyer says:

    Super post. I keep meaning to look at Bublish and you hav egiven me incentive to do so. By the way, I absolutely love your layout here on this blog, Carol. It is super stylish. 🙂

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