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Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 10•15

CorettaScottKing StPatIn addition to photographing flowers in my neighborhood, and at botanical gardens, I stopped by my favorite garden store, Chapon’s Greenhouse (on Streets Run Road in Pittsburgh) where they graciously permitted me to photograph a few flowers. Mark, one of their managers, is very knowledgeable and always greets me with a smile. In fact, most everyone I have encountered there knows a great deal, and is willing to help with plant selection and advice. They have one of the best selection of roses I have seen anywhere. I have selected four of my favorites: The St. Patrick Rose, The Coretta Scott King Rose (above), The Fragrant Plum Rose and The Susan Williams Rose (below) . I wish I could have brought all four of them home with me. I’m seriously thinking about going back for at least the Coretta Scott King Rose.


They have a great selection of herbs, vegetables, annual flowers, houseplants, perennials and shrubs as well as wonderful organic products and birding supplies. To top it off, they have the cutest cats anywhere. Anything you can imagine for your garden is right there along with wonderful people who are eager to answer any questions you might have.

Here’s another link to their website in case you missed the one in the first paragraph: Chapon’s Greenhouse website.





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