Flowery Poetry

Written By: carolmoye - Aug• 08•15

I am slowly working on my flower photography book. I was encouraged to add some poetry or words of inspiration. I have decided that I liked that idea. There will be a limited amount of poetry included, and will include two from the old-school masters, one from the Bible, one from each of my Psalms books and at least three originals, written just for this project.

Here is one I wrote about tulips. I was intrigued by how the tulip is closed at the beginning of the day, wide open in the afternoon, then closed again in the evening. I took a few liberties with what was going on.

yellow and red tulip

I see you at dawn
Your two lips sealed
Tall, stately, gorgeous

As the sun warms you
Your lips part
Wide open
They send signals
To the one who will
Help spread your seed

You spend the day
Until, exhausted
You close your lips
Once again
And rest

Butterfly Border

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