Goal for 2014: Get a Short Story Accepted for Publication

Written By: carolmoye - Feb• 22•14

So, this is the year I WILL get something published. First of all, publishing credit makes me seem like a “real” writer. It would be nice to have some editor say they liked what I wrote. Getting paid would be nice too. So, for all of those reasons, by December, someone will say yes to me.  I found a wonderful article this evening that may help me on this journey. Perhaps some of you may be in the same place, so I share in the hopes it will help you as well.



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  1. Amanda C. Davis says:

    How are you doing?

    • carolmoye says:

      Fair. I have finished a story that I hope to make a Kindle single. It has been through my review group and a friend with great skills is going to edit it. My son will do the cover art. I don’t know if that counts toward my original goal. I’d still like to get something in a magazine too.

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