Grateful for my Daughter, Alana

Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 24•15

I am so impressed with my daughter, Alana Nicole. She went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival every single day (there were ten days including two weekends). She spend all day there on weekends, and went every weekday after work. She was on assignment for the Feel Like Going On blog that I manage. She knew I wouldn’t be able to go everyday, nor shoot for hours on end, so she volunteered to do it for me. Not only did she capture almost every African-American artist at the arts festival, she then went to the Pride Fest, and although she learned about it late, also covered the Juneteenth Celebration in Market Square, all of which happened simultaneously on Sunday, June 14th. The following weekend (June 19-21) was the Pittsburgh Jazzlive International Festival. She also went to every one of those concerts, taking tons of photographs. She’s amazing. Thanks Alana.

Make sure you visit the “Feel Like Going On” blog. You’ll find a few of my images there, and tons more from her.

Here’s a video with images she took of the Attack Theatre performance that took place on Sunday, June 7 at Gateway Four Plaza.
Warning: The video has a music track.

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  1. Liz Scott says:

    Thank you Carol for pointing the way to the pictures on the “Feel Like Going On” blog.

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