Great Reading for the Over 50 Crowd

Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 20•13

I loved this article, “At 52, Not Too Old for a Debut Novel”, by Edward Kelsey Moore (New York Times, June 18, 2013 ) The writer had his debut novel published after age 50, some questioned whether or not he was too old to do this. He muses about things he is too old to do at 52. It made me ponder the same thing as I am slightly older than he is, and an amateur (and very rusty) cellist. Here’s the short list of things I am too old to do:

1. Wear a bikini or hot pants

2. Teach large classes of disturbed middle school kids

3. Dress to impress anyone other than myself.

4. Hold grudges

What I am NOT too old to do:

1. Become a better cellist

2. Get a short story published

3. Write music good enough to share

4. Have my photos exhibited


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