One Last Read……

Written By: carolmoye - Apr• 27•13

I’m just about ready to submit my story. Everything is in place except my heart. It thumps. My stomach churns. I take another read and find a backwards quotation mark and a misplaced period. Then I change a few words. Will it ever really be finished? If there was time, I would give it to a few people to read, but the deadline nears.  I decide to give it a few hours, and one “last” read.

Update: (Sunday, April 28, 10:30 p.m.), I wrote the email, included my story, thought I pressed the “save draft” button, but accidentally pressed “send”. Actually, I am relieved that it’s now out of my hands. No turning back now. Hope it’s a good fit. If not, it’s another lesson. Either way, I win.

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