Indie Publishing-You Can’t Do it Alone

Written By: carolmoye - May• 30•13

I have spent much time in the last few months learning about how to become an independent publisher. I have learned many things so far, and still have much to learn. Here’s a summary of what I have learned so far.

1. You can’t do it by yourself. It is imperative that you get someone else to read your work, get advice from those who have been successful, become a part of a community of readers and writers who can give you valuable advice and feedback. There are writer’s clubs in most cities. There are Facebook groups for writers, find one and join it because you can’t do it alone.

2. It’s hard work. You have to do all the things a traditional publisher would have done for you. You must be be editor, typesetter, marketer, etc., It takes hours and hours. Did I say you can’t do it alone yet?

3. Epub and print are NOT the same. I found it very difficult to accept that and move on. The two versions of my book are different. The print version is aligned left. The epub version is centered. The line endings are different in some cases. You can’t control an epub the way you can print. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it. (That last sentence was for me). Epubs are actually webpages. If you ever designed for the web, you’ll understand. Oh, did I say you can’t do it alone yet? Get friends with different ereaders to read your book. Different readers display text in different ways. It helps to know how others saw it. If possible, pay them a visit and look at it yourself.

4. I am still learning about marketing, but I believe it’s the same message as above. You can’t do it by yourself. Call on your friends, make new friends, word of mouth is always the best selling tool.

I am deeply grateful for my friends who have taken the time to read my book (or at least view it) so far, and the ones I’m about to torment. 🙂

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