Just What I Needed to Read This Morning….

Written By: carolmoye - Apr• 29•13

The “Writer’s Unblocked” site featured an article titled, “Funny Oxymorons for Writers” by Leanne Shirtliffe. It was just what I needed this morning. Here’s a quote from the article.

“Maybe I’m just putting the “moron” in oxymoronic, but when I was completing…and completing again… and completing yet again my manuscript, I thought about my “finished draft.” This phrase is Prince Oxymoron in the world of words. Finished draft? By the time my editor and I were on the fourth pass of my already typeset book, she advised me to “look for only major, glaring errors.” And so I learned that a manuscript is never finished, only submitted.

The other thing that I found inspiring was today’s Daily Word:  “New Venture: I Say Yes to a New Venture, and Success Says Yes to Me!”.  The basic premise was that although new ventures are scary, it’s important to step forward boldly, expecting good things to happen. I have within me all I need to be successful.

Feeling inspired, I press on to my new venture as a writer with a more confidence, eager to see what comes next.

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