Poetry Friday

Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 28•13

One of my devotionals asked these questions one day this week:
What are you willing to release?
What are you willing to receive?
I wrote this in response:

Pack Your Bags and Get Out!

Today I say goodbye to some old acquaintances
It’s time to get them out of my life

Move on Anxiety,
You entered when I was in a bad place
Took away my appetite and my ability to sleep
I didn’t need you then.
I sure don’t need you now
So pack your bags.
Move on to someone else
Or better yet, just disappear.
I have Peace now.

Pain, you’ve been my constant companion
For more years than I care to admit
You were the vehicle that got me
What I needed most this year
But I don’t need you anymore
Occasional visits I might tolerate
But you are not welcome
To live in this temple anymore
Say hello to Joy and Mercy

Last year you seemed to be my closest friend
You pushed out Hope
Every time Hope tried to enter
You slammed the door in her face
Well, she’s back!
And this time
She is kicking YOU to the curb
Pack your things and get out
There is not room for both of you

I have welcomed back some old friends
(My father sent them my way)
Hope, Joy, Grace, Faith and Mercy
Together they help make me strong
Focused, connected
With them by my side
There is nothing that is too hard
No mountain I cannot climb
Bring on tomorrow!

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