Prayer for Peace

Written By: carolmoye - Aug• 09•14

The constant reports of war, children being killed, and women kidnapped from several different countries leaves me near tears. While I am grateful I don’t live in a place where those things are a constant concern, my heart breaks for those who deal with this every single day. Continuing to pray for peace in Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, and other nations where violence is so devastating (including some communities in our own country).

Today I share this version of St. Francis’ prayer for peace from a website that offers this prayer in several different languages. Perhaps you can take a moment to join me in praying for peace in our world today.


Prayer for Peace


Click here or on the photo to view this prayer in other languages.


black dividing line





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  1. Logan Crowe says:

    I pray from the bottom of my heart that WE will do something to help and rescue these women and children. We have been blessed with the ability to ensure world peace, if we do nothing will face the same future.

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