Psalm 53-Version 2

Written By: carolmoye - Mar• 04•14

Bondage: The War on Drugs

Psalm 53


A fool walks around believing

There is no God

As if they are free to mistreat others


God looks around at the rich and powerful

Seeking one, just one

Who sincerely tries to follow him

He struggles

Can’t even seem to find one

Who is doing the right thing


They commit crimes

Against my people

In MY name


They devour my people

As a vulture devours a carcass


They build expensive prisons

Intent on re-enslaving young black men

For petty crimes that are worthy of only

A slap on the hand for others

Lives are destroyed

An entire generation


Too few sons

Too few fathers

Too few husbands


Those who eventually escape the system

Are undereducated, unemployable

They have no hope, no training

Branded as criminals

They are destined to return

To bondage


Those who perpetrate

These crimes against my people

Know they are wrong

Yet continue

It feels so hopeless


Yet, I know God watches

He will end the bondage of my people

Once again

The brothers will rise up and be strong

Breaking their yokes

Dropping their weapons

Caring for their families

And we as a nation

Will rejoice



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