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Written By: carolmoye - Jun• 26•15

Praise the Lord cover
My third book,Praise the Lord(Psalms in the Key of my Life Book 3), is featured on Choosy Bookworm’s website today.

Here are excerpts from a few of the reviews:

“Once again Carol has written a beautiful book regarding the Psalms 101 – 150 bringing it to a modern approach but not losing any of the Biblical idea of the book. I am sorry this series has ended as it is written so beautifully; it is like Carol has written a piece of art. ”

“I received this book in exchange for an honest review. These musings are simply beautiful. I devoured them way too fast and now plan to go back and read them much more slowly and really take time to process them. They make the themes more vivid and part of daily life.”

“I have a library of books about the psalms because I love them–most of them–well, some of them. These 150 poems from an ancient culture and civilization are often difficult to get into. When I saw Carol Moye’s reflections on the psalms, volumes I and II, I hoped they would help me dig into my own psalm library. They did, especially volume II because that volume covers so many “dark” psalms; but Volume III reads like one joyful song of praise.

The day I received Volume III I treated myself to a couple of reflections before sleep but didn’t stop until I finished the book. The following day I read the book through again with a bible in hand. But I recommend a first read-through before study so you can experience the feeling of the glorious message of the psalms as a whole.

On my first reading I found myself sometimes chuckling with delight: “Get your hairs ready” and “I feel like I have been Stretched–like–taffy”, Ouch! Sometime tears came: “Instead of giving me What I really deserve . . .He tosses my sins Into the deepest ocean.” Psalm 137 is one of my favorites and the reflection on that psalm was especially moving to me: “How can we sing our songs For those who torment us?”. Sometimes I was laughing and crying in the same psalm.”


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