Wordless Wednesday

Written By: carolmoye - Jul• 29•15

The hardest part for me about creating a photo book is knowing when to stop adding photos. That being said, there are many other difficult things too that I hadn’t imagined. I would love your feedback if you have time. I will also post this on my general Facebook page soon.

Here are the questions I have that I would love feedback on:

1. When you “read” a photo book, what information do you expect?
2. I have three ideas about organization, but am having trouble deciding on which to use:

  • By Seasons (with a section at the end with tropical flowers)
  • By Colors
  • Alphabetically by common name
  • Something else?

Here is a link to my flower gallery. It’s huge and I think it’s time to stop. If your favorite flower is missing, let me know and I will find one.

Flower Photography Slideshow

Friday, I may share some of the poetry I have written for this book. I’d love your feedback on that as well.



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