Wordless Wednesday Update-R.I.P.

Written By: carolmoye - Dec• 23•15

No, I did not die. Nor have I been ill. I have been working hard on finishing a book project and planning and carrying out my mother’s 90th birthday celebration. I just didn’t have the time nor energy to work on this blog. I have continued taking photos, but did nothing with them. Today’s update includes the one I wrote about earlier but was unable to find. Fortunately, while looking for other things, I located it.Musical Mural

Since I last posted another one bit the dust. The building owner wanted to add windows to the building, so he painted over the mural. I almost cried when I saw that. I’ve re-posted that mural below so you know which one I speak of. The community was quite upset about this one going down, the owner promised to support local artists and the Sprout Fund. We’ll see if they keep that promise. There was an article about it in the Post-Gazette recently.



Beatty Street at Penn Avenue Penn Avenue at Beatty St.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone. I’ll likely post something festive next week, then back to the mural project.



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