Wordless Wednesday_Hill District Murals

Written By: carolmoye - Oct• 14•15

The murals on this page are from a neighborhood I drive through quite often. I have repeatedly told myself I would shoot them, but until this weekend, had not done so. The last couple were taken yesterday. The Hill District was once famous for its amazing jazz venues and the artists who frequented the area. Several of the murals depict this legacy. Playwright August Wilson was a Hill District native. One of the murals is a tribute to him. The last three are on a cart of sorts. Two of them unfortunately depict an uglier part of the Hill District. This is a neighborhood in transition, so, thankfully, that is slowly changing. The third is full of toons. It makes me smile.








August Wilson

August Wilson Mural

Food Cart Memorial to Homicide Victims

RIP Young Brothers and Sisters



Cartoon Tribute

Butterfly Border

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