Psalm 117

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Psalm 117 is the shortest of all the psalms, and the shortest chapter in the entire Bible. My reflection is in the form of a Haiku:



Psalm 117

A Haiku

Praise the Lord with me
Let everyone who has breath
Shout hallelujah!

Japanese blossoms

Almost There…….Praise the Lord!

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I just uploaded the final proof of Praise the Lord, Psalms in the Key of my Life, Volume III (Psalms 101-150) to  Createspace. Tomorrow morning, I will be able to take one more look and either approve then, or wait until my self-selected publication date of March 5.

I want to take a moment now and thank my fabulous team of beta-readers/editors: Mary King, Wanda Williams, Alissa Clifford and Liz Scott. I am so blessed to have had these particular women as my review team. Each has strong grammatical skills (Mary is actually in school studying to become an editor). They each found different errors or things to tweak when reading through my proof. I can say with great certainty that I would NOT have been able to complete the editing without them. I had reached a point where I just couldn’t read it one more time.

From now until I push the “Approve” button, I will post a selection from the book each day. Today’s is Psalm 104.

In awe of your creation

Psalm 104

The Lord appears
Clothed in majesty and light
Using his hands
As a painter uses a brush
He begins with the heavens
Stretching them far and wide
Setting the sun on one end
The moon on the other
Dazzling stars set in place
To decorate the night sky
Riding on the wings of the wind
He continues
Working on his masterpiece
Planting the earth securely
Covering it first with waters
Then, at his command
Waters flow down
Uncovering mountains
And valleys
Finally forming massive oceans
Springs bubble in the valleys
Providing water for all living things
Birds fill the air with melodies
From the branches of mighty oaks

Rains pour from the heavens
Causing trees to bear
Fruits of all kinds

Grasses grow
Feeding cattle, sheep, and other livestock
Vineyards flourish
Making man happy
Olive trees provide oils
For cooking
And to make our skin and hair soft
Grains grow for bread
Feeding animals and mankind

You gave us the moon
To help us keep track of days
The sun to help us
Keep track of hours

You sent night where wild lions
And other night creatures thrive
At dawn, they rest
And our work begins
From the decks of large ships
We watch dolphins and whales play

The variety of your creation
Leaves me in awe
Every living thing depends on you
You reach down and satisfy our hunger
Perpetually caring for
And restoring your amazing creation

Wordless Wednesday

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The women in these photos are near and dear to my heart. They are my mother and my mothers-in-law in the first photo. My mother and my cousin in the second photo. All are past the three score and ten mark, active, healthy and vibrant. I am incredibly blessed.


Two women named Bea

Wordless Wednesday

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Blue Jay

Wordless Wednesday

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Meet Cindy Patterson

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I met Cindy Patterson through my blog. We both loved the books written by the Clifford Rush team. She liked the page I did for them, and wished someone would do the same for her. I promised to do just that if I liked her book. I found it on her blog, Broken Butterfly by Cindy Pattersondownloaded a sample and was drawn in right away. I admit that I don’t generally reach for romance books. I greatly enjoy romance when mixed with another genre, but straight romance books are like pop music to me-just a bit too simplistic and sappy. My daughter laughs at my need for complex music. Well, it’s the same for me and books. I crave intellectual stimulation more than most readers. I write this review thinking of what most readers need in a romance book. I think Cindy Patterson did a great job of creating the ideal Christian romance. Her main character is rather lost. She feels like only one person ever really loved her and even that person abandoned her. She has never been to church, and knows nothing about the power of God’s love until when fleeing an abusive relationship, she is taken to Paradise, PA. I will go no further with the description, as I hate when reviewers give away too much. I will just say that by the end her character has grown in many ways, and learns what love really feels like on many levels. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, so much so that her characters invaded my dreams. 🙂  It was a relaxing read, and very heartwarming. I highly recommend it for those who love Christian romance novels.

Butterfly Border1

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy about this book and her writing career. Here are her responses:

What inspired you to become a writer?

When I first fell in love with reading over 20 years ago, I stumbled across stories that were a hindrance to my Christian background. When my mom introduced me to her collection of Christian historical fiction authors, I found that it was just as easy to get hooked on things of Christ. I love reading a story that draws me in so deeply that I feel lost once it’s over because I can’t stop thinking about the characters. I wanted to create my own story to make that feeling last. With so many secular stories to choose from, I wanted to give those seeking out romance novels a clean version, that would also be uplifting and encouraging.

How long have you been writing? ( Is this your first novel?)

I was writing poetry as early as the 3rd grade, but I started my first novel 7 years ago, the same year I started homeschooling. Broken Butterfly isn’t my first novel, but a (stand alone) sequel to my first, that hasn’t been published yet. I’m struggling with a title.

What inspired you to write about a character who had been physically abused?

Abuse is a living, breathing reality for a lot of people. I witnessed someone very close to me live through and escape an abusive relationship. I wanted to give readers a reason to care about my main character, and even some who could relate to the things she experienced. And I have actually heard from a reader who felt she was reading about her own life as she read of Mallory’s past.

Have you actually spent time in Paradise, PA? If so, have you spent time with an Amish family?

I have visited Paradise, PA, on two separate occasions. The first, I was able to spend some time at an Amish farm, and that led me to reading more about them. I visited the area a few years later, but didn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked. I hope to return and spend more time in the near future.

Paul’s character seems to go between both worlds rather well. Isn’t this unusual?

Yes, he does. Because he grew up Amish, there is a tie that binds him to his roots, but his love for Rachel helped him make the choice to join her world. Paul and Rachel are the main character’s of my first novel, where you’ll learn their story. I plan to release that novel this year.

What message do you want your readers to get from this book?

The world needs more Hope, Faith, and Love. And I hope God will use this story, and all of my stories, to empower someone to overcome their own struggles in life.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on two very different kind of novels. One is a historical romance, and the other is taking on a life of its own. I’m not sure where it’ll lead, but they’ll definitely include romance with a little suspense.

Butterfly Border1


About the Author

Cindy PattersonYou can find Cindy Patterson in North Carolina with her wonderful husband and three amazing children. Her passions include Jesus, homeschooling, writing, and drama ministry. You’ll find her at any given time with her family on a baseball field watching her youngest son play, as her oldest son and husband coach from the sideline. You can also find her watching her daughter dance, tucked away reading, or cooking when she’s not writing. She’s a member of ACFW.


Visit Cindy’s Facebook page.

Butterfly Border1

Purchase Broken Butterfly at Amazon:




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Wordless Wednesday: First Crocus of the Season

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Yellow Crocus

Accept This Dandelion-Character Interview

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Accept This Dandelion CoverThere was a time when I would accept blog tours without reading the book. I no longer do that. Before hosting Brooke Williams’ blog tours, she sends an advance copy of each book.  If I don’t like the book, I won’t agree to host. That is as it should be. I want my readers to know that if I am promoting a book, I have read and enjoyed it. Accept This Dandelion is a sweet, funny romance. It’s an easy read, the kind of book I like reading when I am traveling or needing a mental break. Her female protagonists are charming and unpredictable. Her books are clean reads, no cursing, no explicit sexual scenes. After reading Accept This Dandelion, I asked Brooke to allow me to “interview” one of her main characters. I chose Ben, the male protagonist.

Accept this Dandelion Character Interview: Ben McConnell


Ben, tell us what it was about Renee when you first saw her that made you tell Mike you wanted her on the show?

Well, she was a disaster! (laughs) But that’s not all that made her stand out. Her answers were unusual, to say the least, but she came across very genuine. She wasn’t putting airs on for anyone. Even though she was auditioning for a TV show. Most of the girls showed up wanting to impress and they would do anything to do just that. But Renee…I don’t know…she was just Renee.

On the first episode, what was your first thought when she took told you to close your eyes, and removed your handkerchief? What were you expecting her to do?

My mind was racing and honestly, my first thought was “this is going to be good!” But once I had my eyes closed, I was a little worried. It put me in a more vulnerable state and I wasn’t sure I would like it. I thought she might hug me or even kiss me or something. And I was curious why she didn’t want me to see her right away. I certainly wasn’t expecting the spitting sound!

I was quite surprised that you didn’t reject her after she caught her dress on fire. What made you decide to let her stay?

Once again, she was a disaster, and had it been any of the other girls, I might have done just that for my own safety! But when I was with Renee, even on that first night, I felt something different. At first it was just a spark and it interested me. But I also had a keen sense of curiosity. What was this girl going to do next?! And I had to find out.

What were you thinking when she pushed you in the pool on the second episode?

She ruined my drink! (chuckles) I think I was far too shocked to have any thoughts at all. Once I surfaced I just wanted to pull her in after me…you know, get even. But she beat me to that as well.

How did you feel when Cleo left with the race car driver?

I was rejected, plain and simple. And that never feels good. Part of me wondered if the process was really going to work for me. If someone better came along for her, wouldn’t there be someone better for all of them? I was afraid they would all realize that and ditch me too. And while I was starting to rule her out as a candidate, I still wasn’t certain so it hurt a little bit.

Was there a moment when you thought, “This girl is just too crazy for me?”

The funny thing is that it’s her craziness that I love! Yes, she’s out there…she’s quirky…and she’s perfect for me. I’ve dated enough to know what’s out there. And none of the women I found so far are anything like Renee. I needed something different and I found it. No matter how crazy she ended up being. You’re not going to tell her I said that, are you?

Was there anything you didn’t like about Renee as the show was being taped?

Even though she was herself at all times, I could tell she had a wall up around her. She wasn’t giving me a fair chance at first. She wanted to be on the show and maybe she even wanted to fall in love, but she didn’t want it to be with me. She had fun teasing me and pushing me into pools, but she thought she knew who I was and she wasn’t giving me a chance to change her mind at first. I’ve been judged enough to recognize it. I didn’t appreciate that side of her but I felt like there was enough there to give it a chance.

If Renee didn’t accept your last dandelion would you have considered asking Eve out?

Eva is a wonderful woman and any man would be lucky to have her. She’s smart, beautiful, funny, charming, she has it all. But honestly, it was Renee or no one. Eva looks great on paper, and even in person, but in the long run, she wasn’t “the one.” I know she’s going to make someone very happy someday and I hope she finds him very soon.

What are the plans for your next big date with Renee?

We spend a lot of time together and life is much more normal now. We don’t have to plan big, elaborate dates to have a good time. She’s taking me to a concert this weekend. She goes to most of the ones that come through town because of her job at the radio station. But tonight, I invited her over for dinner and a movie. She gets to bring the movie and I get to bring the dinner. I say that because I’m not cooking! Not tonight at least!

What did your family think of the TV show?  What was their reaction to Renee and her antics?

They got a big kick out of the things she did to me! Said I deserved all that and more, can you believe it? I think they reacted much like the rest of the viewing audience. They adored her because she was so different. Not the type of woman who would put up with any flack from me or any other man! They recognized that we were a match. They appreciate her imperfections and the fact that she is willing to show them with pride.

Accept This Dandelion goes on sale today: – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices


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Accept This Dandelion Blog Tour

Written By: carolmoye - Feb• 02•15


Accept This Dandelion

By Brooke Williams

Release Date: February 4, 2015 from Prism Book Group

Genre: Romance/Comedy


 photo f94130b4-df4a-4a6d-83bc-dc31b0dc4bba_zpsb7a05843.jpg

Order digital and paperback copies HERE


Renee Lockhart has her eye on a lofty goal…to fill the open position of morning radio show host at the radio station where she works.  When her co-workers sign her up for a local TV version of “the Bachelor,” Renee goes along with it in order to raise her public profile.  Ben McConnell, the most eligible bachelor in town, insists that Renee be placed on the show, despite her bumbling audition.  Ben gets much more than he expected in Renee.  He gets a girl who doesn’t bow to his every whim…and a girl who opens his eyes to true, unexpected love. When nothing goes right on the local program called “Accept this Dandelion”…hilarity ensues. Imagine your worst possible dates happening…on TV!


Add “Accept this Dandelion” to your Goodreads list HERE


About the Author


 photo af04ff45-571c-4445-a2cf-10a420f1580d_zps5c6e8e10.jpg


Brooke Williams writes in a sleep-deprived state while her daughters nap. Her romantic comedy is best read in the same state. Brooke has twelve years of radio in her background, both behind the scenes and on the air. She was also a television traffic reporter for a short time despite the fact that she could care less about hair and make-up. Today, Brooke stays at home with her daughters and works as a freelance writer for a variety of companies. When she isn’t working for paying clients, she makes things up, which results in books like “Accept this Dandelion.”  Brooke is also the author of “Wrong Place, Right Time,” “Someone Always Loved You,” and “Beyond the Bars.” And she looks forward to the upcoming released of “Mamarazzi” and “Baby Sheep Gets a Haircut.” Brooke and her husband Sean have been married since 2002 and have two beautiful daughters, Kaelyn (5) and Sadie (nearly 2).


Connect with Brooke:




Praise for Accept this Dandelion

“This book is adorable. I had to sneak away from my desk to read the rest of it once I started. It had my smiling and laughing the whole way through.”

-Sarah, Advanced Reader Copy Review


What could possibly evolve from such a strange attraction? That’s the meat of Accept this Dandelion, purportedly a romance, but in essence so much more. Acceptance is, indeed, at the heart of Accept this Dandelion: acceptance of self, others, and the paths life offers up, whether for good or bad.

-D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR


 photo atd3_zps485e25a5.jpg



Renee leaned way over in her chair, throwing her arm up beside her for dramatic effect. She had the perfect line to close her short ad, but instead of delivering it, she flung one of the flickering candles to the floor with a loud crash.


“Fire!” she screamed as she realized the flame had not extinguished, but rather had transferred itself to the hem of her dress.

Before Renee could stop drop and roll, Ben leapt from his chair and threw himself across the small space separating them. The pressure of his body against her leg put out the fire instantly, but it also toppled her chair over, leaving them in a heap on the concrete.

Renee found herself on her side with Ben’s breath on her cheek. She slowly turned her head, though what she really wanted to do was push him away and run out of the studio as fast as possible.

“That was quite a commercial.” Ben didn’t make a move to rise. “Are you okay?”

Renee wasn’t sure how the dress looked, but there were no burning sensations on her leg. There was a twinge in the pit of her stomach. She nodded. “I’m okay.” She met his eyes and allowed herself a few beats to study him closely. He was handsome. And now, he was even a hero. Though he wouldn’t have had to save her from burning flames had she not set herself on fire.

Ben deftly got to his feet and pulled Renee from her chair as the producer rushed over and the camera operators stood by, panning down to capture Renee’s smoldering dress.

“Hey, Renee,” Ben whispered into her ear, “next time there’s fire between us, I’m not going to put it out.”

Book Reviews: Gripping, Thrilling Mysteries by Clifford Rush

Written By: carolmoye - Jan• 29•15

There have been many times in my life that God has sent someone into my life who provided just what I needed at that time. Alisa, half of the Clifford Rush writing team, is one of those persons. I was thinking about not blogging anymore, since it seemed that no one read it anyway, when Alisa wrote some very encouraging words in the comments on a “Wordless Wednesday”. I promised myself over a year ago that I would take my camera out at least once a week, no matter how I felt, and share at least one photo every Wednesday. Knowing that someone noticed was the fuel I needed to continue. When she commented, I noticed that she referred to Clifford Rush as a writing team. It took me a few weeks, but eventually, I went to Amazon and searched for books by Clifford Rush. I bought the short story, No Eye Has Seen, not really knowing what to expect. It was amazing. I purchased it to read on an upcoming trip. I opened it the day before to preview it, and could not put it down. It’s an urban mystery that is not filled with sex and profanity, just great writing. The characters are well-developed. It is intellectually stimulating, yet thrilling. I loved it so much, that I finished it that day, leaving myself with nothing exciting to read on my trip. Naturally, I returned to Amazon and purchased their novel, No Mind Has Conceived (End of Days Book 1), and loved it just as much. The Clifford Rush team successfully managed to keep me hooked from beginning to end. The detective and his assistant are great characters. The whole investigating team is made up of lovable, fallible characters who are giving everything they have to fight evil. I’m really looking forward to their next book.

Book Description: No Eye Has Seen

Book Cover: No Eye Has seen by Clifford RushTwo sisters—one is a cook, and the other is a criminal—seem to have nothing in common. Yet they share a secret someone is willing to kill for. Arlington Police Detective John Metcalf uses unexpected clues to solve one of his toughest murder cases. This is a 4-part, fast-paced short story.



Book Description: No Mind Has Conceived (End of Days Book 1):

Book Cover: No Mind Has Conceived  by Clifford RushWhat if the antichrist controlled the internet? Detective John Metcalf’s current case forces him to consider the possibility as he races to find a missing senator’s daughter in the greater D.C. area.

At the crime scene, Metcalf finds a cross pendant necklace. An identical necklace shows up at a second location attached to a corpse. He finds a third cross worn by his son. To solve the case, Metcalf recruits an unexpected team, including an Israeli Special Forces operator, a farm girl, a news anchor, and two MIT dropouts.

Metcalf must reconstruct the victim’s last days to protect his son. He learns the senator’s daughter took a dare, researched prophesy, fell in love with an Israeli, begged for her reporter friend’s help, and stumbled onto a truth worth killing for. Skeptical, Metcalf follows the facts, but he can’t explain a series of supernatural roadblocks, culminating with a threat to his son. Facing an impossible situation, Metcalf realizes there are things No Mind Has Conceived.

Purchase Links

No Eye Has Seen

No Mind Has Conceived (End of Days Book 1):

About the Authors:

Clifford RushClifford Rush is the pen name of husband-wife writing team Dave and Alisa Clifford. They share 15 years in law enforcement along with entrepreneurial success. Clifford Rush novels combine fast-paced plots with dynamic characters, and always leave you with something new to think about.

Dave and Alisa first met when they were fourteen-years-old. He gallantly gave her his jacket during a chilly whale-watching trip out of Westport, Washington. They’ve been together ever since. Married for over two decades, they currently live in Idaho. Learn more at


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